Metroid Prime 3 arrives in Japan

Thursday, 6 March 2008 at 09:58 GMT

Metroid Prime 3 arrives in Japan On this day in Metroid history, Metroid Prime 3 is finally set free in Japan, completing the game's release schedule around the major regions of the world. Nintendo's special Japanese Metroid website has also been given a hearty facelift to celebrate the release of the game.

Be sure to check it out for more of the gorgeous boxart design the Japanese version's been spoiled with, along with a multitude of videos we've already seen months ago (but all with a wonderful Japanese style). There's a few good articles linked to the website, but naturally you're out of luck if you can't read Japanese. Either way, it's great to see the game finally out where the series began, so here's hoping there's enough people breaking away from Brawl enough to give it a try.

I've also recently been sent a complete Metroid II map from Shane Carter, who colour-coded and cleaned up a map originally made by Ray Kremer, so be sure to check these out on the new Metroid II maps page for a great view of SR388's depths.

Have you ever heard of (or been to) the fantastic video game live concerts going on in recent years? Check out this video below for a few familiar tunes played by a complete orchestra - really good stuff.

The Metroid Prime 3 walkthrough? Almost, almost there.

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