Metroid Prime 3 walkthrough - Mission complete

Sunday, 9 March 2008 at 12:10 GMT

Metroid Prime 3 walkthrough At long, long last, I've finally put the finishing touches on our main Metroid Prime 3: Corruption walkthrough.

This colossal piece took around a month and a half, many late nights and no caffeine (really) to finish, so I do hope you enjoy perusing through its many (36!) chapters for all sorts of MP3 goodness.

I've also riddled the walkthrough with more screenshots than you can poke a Metroid at, giving it a much better look than just reams of text.

I've made slight updates to all the other MP3 guide sections as well - so all in all the entire lot is now wrapped up in a nice and neat package. Just in time for Smash Bros Brawl too, well at least in North America.

Metroid Prime 3, what a game... enjoy the guides!

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