Retro Gamer features Metroid

Sunday, 5 July 2009 at 10:43 GMT

Live in the UK? Be sure to pick up a copy of the latest Retro Gamer magazine for a nice surprise - the cover art features classic artwork from Super Metroid and the following:

"Retro Gamer has joined forces with Nintendo to create a cover that perfectly captures the excitement of the original games. Resplendent in its red foil finish, the modified artwork that first appeared on Super Metroid will be instantly recognisable to fans of the series. The issue itself, meanwhile, not only offers an exhaustive look back at the entire Metroid franchise, but also features a world-exclusive interview with Yoshio Sakamoto, the esteemed director of SNES hit Super Metroid."

Chances are the mag is exported to other regions around the globe, so keep an eye out for it locally. As always, special thanks to the brilliant guys at GoNintendo for the heads up!

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