Other M and Super Metroid updates

Friday, 11 June 2010 at 11:58 GMT

E3's only a few days away! Nintendo will be presenting their take at 9am PDT on Tuesday 15th June, and with any luck we'll see some fresh new media from Other M (and hopefully something for that pointy-eared elf too...). With all the behind-the-scenes info released over the past year documenting Yoshio Sakamoto and Team Ninja's collaboration, I've prepared a new background page for Other M with a summary of all the development info we've seen.

Good news for Australia too, as Other M has been given an M rating by the OFLC, meaning that a final release date can't be too far behind (for Europe hopefully too).

I've also added two new small missing tracks to the Super Metroid soundtrack: Escape for the Space Colony and Approaching Planet Zebes. If you've already picked up the entire soundtrack in the past, simply grab the two tracks individually to complete the updated collection. I can't believe I missed Approaching Planet Zebes - it must be one of the most spine-chilling tracks of the entire series - just give it a listen and all the good memories come flooding back...

We've also been alerted to a new Metroid Prime-based fan game project: Metroid Multiplayer.

Metroid Multiplayer

The current team is based in France and is looking for new talent so this may be better suited to those who understand French, but it's still looking mighty promising. I'm not entirely sure what the game's developed in (possibly the Unreal Engine?), but be sure to drop by their official Facebook page for a look at the work-in-progress.

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