E3 Media Frenzy

Thursday, 17 June 2010 at 12:55 GMT

Metroid: Other MPhew, E3 was worth the wait this year... By now you've probably already digested the million-and-a-half announcements from Nintendo's E3 conference in LA, from the Nintendo 3DS to the new Zelda (and Kid Icarus!) to a very nice looking new outing for Donkey Kong Country (developed by Metroid Prime-creator Retro Studios!).

Metroid: Other M was given plenty of media coverage, and we have some shiny new screenshots, artwork a new trailer and the game's boxart to enjoy. These are some mighty fine assets, and the trailer reminds us that isolation, atmosphere and good old Metroid fun is alive and well in the game. August can't come soon enough!

This week is already a blur with all the E3 news, so head to Nintendo's E3 media section or 1Up to keep apprised of all the latest developments.

Update: I've added downloadable versions of the E3 trailer. For good measure, I've also added better-quality download versions of the E3 2009 trailer as well. Enjoy!

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