New Other M Trailer

Monday, 16 August 2010 at 05:16 GMT

Check out a fantastic new Other M trailer at GameTrailers for a great look at Samus' equipment in the game. Here we learn a bunch of new details like the ability to launch the Grapple Beam from first-person view and the capacity to switch equipment on and off much like in Super Metroid. New footage is always welcome, so be sure to check it out! (one region of the game boasts sunny blue skies which sounds completely out-of-character in a Metroid game, but we'll be finding out how it all fits together in only two weeks!). Special thanks to Varia for letting me know about the trailer.

In other news, the guys at the MDb have been hard at work on a few new projects. I don't normally comment on Metroid-related ROM hacks, but if you like seeing what fans can do with an old game and a splash of creativity, be sure to check out Infinity End's MDbtroid. They've also started up an interesting new blog titled Lonely on Zebes, which is a new take on fan fiction and seeks to bring Samus' thoughts to life, blog-style. Have a look!

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