An interview, a magazine and more trailers

Wednesday, 18 August 2010 at 11:40 GMT

More trailers! They just keep on coming... Firstly, swing by GameTrailers again for a nifty interactive trailer. Lots of exploration in this one... who knew that a massive space station/starship could have such incredibly varied environments?

Next up, do you remember that Metroid retrospective-style video found only on the Japanese Metroid website? We finally have an officially-translated version. "Metroid and Me" follows a narration from Samus herself as she takes us through the events of the first three games in the series, leading right into the lap of Metroid: Other M. Swing by the official Metroid website for a look (in their Movie section) or drop by our Other M videos page for a copy hosted here.

Finally, the Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK is gearing up for plenty of Other M coverage in their September issue. Check out the fantastic cover art:

This beautiful rendering of Samus was made by Joe Roberts - be sure to head to his deviantART page and his personal website for a look at more of his inspiring work.

The mag also features an interview with Yoshio Sakamoto, so if you live in the UK (or can pick up an import copy) this issue's definitely a keeper. There's also been rumblings about Metroid: Other M taking around 15 hours to complete (on a fast play-through), so we're definitely looking at a Prime-sized game here. TV commercials should be popping up now as well (heck, even here in Australia), but I'm sure Nintendo will still have a new trailer or two to show before that fateful day arrives. Special thanks to the MDb and GoNintendo for all the news!

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