1Up interview, Iwata Asks Part 2 and the live action trailer

Friday, 20 August 2010 at 09:25 GMT

Ready for more? The folks at 1Up have posted a great interview with Yoshio Sakamoto and Yosuke Hayashi, and it's great to see that both developers are still happy to talk about the game and all the nuances that went into the development of Metroid: Other M. We learn about the lack of health drops in the game, how items will be unlocked for use as well as traditionally located by players, and the inclusion of everyone's favourite space-dragon Ridley. Well worth a read!

A second part of the Iwata Asks feature has also been made available on the Japanese Nintendo website, this time featuring staff from both Team Ninja and Nintendo's dev teams. At the moment it's only good for those who can read Japanese, although there are a few concept sketches and a screenshot or two to be found. A higher-quality rendition of the piano theme can also be found halfway down the fourth page for some nice listening.

To round up today's news, let's take a look at something we haven't seen for years. Remember the magnificent live-action trailer produced to promote Metroid Prime? Nintendo have stepped up to the plate and produced an amazing new live-action trailer for Other M! For now, check out the 30-second and 1-minute flavours below, and hopefully soon we'll be able to find some higher-quality material. You should also be able to catch the 1-minute version on the Nintendo Channel. Special thanks to Phil for the head's up!

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