Live action trailer redux and official site madness

Saturday, 21 August 2010 at 05:12 GMT

The North American version of the official Metroid website lagged behind the recent updates to the Japanese and European ones for a reason - the site has been fully upgraded with its own new fresh look and boasts the recent Metroid: Other M live action trailer in superb quality. It's a great new site to poke around in, so be sure to have a look and enjoy the sights! Special thanks to Luis and Kyle for letting me know about the update!

Gaming websites are sure to start celebrating the upcoming release in just over a week's time too, so keep an eye out for special features out there like this great retrospective piece from N-Sider. The folks at Destructoid also received the snazzy GameStop pre-order bonus art gallery.

I've also grabbed the live action trailer from the official site and am now hosting it locally here with downloadable versions, but this one is just too good to hide behind a link, so check it out again (for the likely millionth time) below:

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