Metroid: Other M Strategy Guide Part 1

Sunday, 14 November 2010 at 00:07 GMT

At last, the first part of our traditional strategy guide for Metroid: Other M is finished... phew. This part includes the Techniques Guide, Power-up Locations, Bosses Guide, Mini-bosses Guide, Obstacles, Game Endings and Secrets and Tips. The only remaining section still to come is the Walkthrough, which I'm hoping to finalise sometime early next year.

I'm also hoping to eventually have the soundtrack available in a similar fashion to all the others, but it will take some time to produce, so please be patient!

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  1. Just a suggestion, but you might want to add this to your techniques guide: Although you cannot walk around while using Concentration, you can still use your Sensemove. It will restart the Concentration, but its a lot better than getting a game over. Just be careful of which direction you press. Since your Wii remote is now vertical instead of horizontal, you might accidentally Sensemove in the wrong direction, which could be bad if your cornered.

    Posted by Etecoon3 on 4 January 2011 at 20:48 GMT

  2. The game is too easy, but every game has to have a guide. Besidesthe game tells you where you have to go and the location of items on a room is revealed after spending some time in the room.

    Posted by MrFlox888 on 6 January 2011 at 22:01 GMT

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