Metroid: Other M Soundtrack

Tuesday, 30 November 2010 at 09:49 GMT

Metroid: Other M SoundtrackReady for some music? After toiling away for a few weeks on extracting, tagging and numbering the musical tracks from Metroid: Other M, I'm happy to finally present the downloadable soundtrack in tasty MP3 format.

This soundtrack proved tricky thanks to an enormous track listing (108!) and the lack of an option to turn off sound effects and voices in the game. I've attempted to position the tracks in the general order they appear in when playing the game from start-to-finish, and the nature of the pre-rendered cutscenes' audio tracks leaves them with music, sound effects and voice-work all mixed together, so I've had to leave the sound effects and voices in them (although I've tried to cut out as much dialogue as possible). I've also kept spoilers to a minimum in the track names, but regardless, please be wary of minor spoilers.

A very big thank-you to the following people who helped make this soundtrack offering possible: thug*, YouTubers OmegaRidley89 and Capoland, the developers of the Dolphin emulator and the developers of vgmstream. A colossal amount of effort went into this project, so enjoy the music!

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  1. great!

    thanks for the work man

    Posted by mitch on 15 January 2011 at 16:31 GMT

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