MDb contest winners and the Battle of the Bounty Hunters

Wednesday, 8 December 2010 at 04:12 GMT

The MDb's Design-An-Enemy contest has come to a close with nearly 50 submissions all up! There's some fantastic entries in this contest (the Metroid Prime Logbook-style ones are a fantastic touch), congratulations to the winners!

Bryan from ScrewAttack also writes in to let us know about DEATH BATTLE! - that's what it's called, honest! This fortnightly series of videos features random characters from pop culture facing off against each other. Starting the ball rolling is none other than Samus Aran Vs. Boba Fett of Star Wars fame. While the video contains mild cussing and some brief 16-bit graphic violence, it's well worth a watch for the production values and crazy narrators.

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