Super Metroid Remastered Album

Friday, 17 December 2010 at 09:30 GMT

More fan music!An amazing new album of fan-created music inspired by Super Metroid has recently been released. Super Metroid Remastered offers a beefy 20-track album of pure audio remix goodness by Tenchux - one very talented Metroid fan. Head to the Super Metroid Remastered website to find the downloadable tracks in mp3 format.

The album is brilliant listening material, with familiar orchestral, energetic and ambient tunes that should strike it home with any Metroid fan - heck, make that any fan of video game music. Tenchux hopes to raise money for Child's Play, using the album to help raise donations for the charity. The current drive is open until December 22, so chip in if you can!

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