Shinesparkers end-of-year feature

Wednesday, 29 December 2010 at 12:21 GMT

There's a new special feature launched today in the Metroid community. Shinesparkers, one of the newest additions to the Metroid web, organised an interview session back in November with a few of the webmasters in the fan-site community. Discussions ranged from how each site began to which character the webmasters thought should have their own spin-off game (I think that question just about answers itself, but I digress).

I was invited to take part and really enjoyed the proceedings. This was a fantastic event to bring parts of the smallish Metroid community together, and I sincerely look forward to taking part in whatever events we can all cook up in the future. A big thank-you to Darren for inviting me along and for organising everything! Go read!

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