More Marathons!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011 at 01:58 GMT

The Metroid marathons continue! Two more marathons will take place over the next week. The first is organised by The Nerd Gamers, and is scheduled for July 7th at 6pm PDT (July 8th, 1am GMT). This marathon will take place over 72 hours, and donations will go to Children's Cancer Association.

The second marathon is taking place over at Metroid Headquarters, organised by MetroidMaster1914. The marathon is set to take place on July 11th at 8pm CST (July 12th, 1am GMT), and will run for a whopping 101 hours, finishing on July 16th, 1am CST (that's just over four days long!). They hope to play through every Metroid title on the hardest available difficulties, and collect all items and (in the case of the Metroid Prime games) all logbook scans. This is part of their 7-year anniversary celebrations (congratulations guys!) and donations will be given to Child's Play.

Don't forget to catch Game Marathon's three-way Metroid versus marathon on July 8th!

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