Metroid: The Sky Calls and Metroid: Samus & Joey

Tuesday, 3 November 2015 at 06:04 GMT

Looking for your Metroid fix in these quiet days? A pair of special features have arrived online and both are an absolute treat.

Rainfall Films, a media production company with ties to the film and television industry, has produced Metroid: The Sky Calls - a short live-action Metroid fan film depicting our favourite bounty hunter in action. In short, after watching the film, words fail me... This is absolutely amazing! It's utterly stunning - superb atmosphere, beautiful visuals and a sweet musical score to boot. I'm a terrible critic when it comes to these things, but rest assured - you're in a for a blast for the next 11 and a half minutes.

Want more? CapCom and Infinity's End at the Metroid Database have recently finished a five-year-long journey to bring a Japan-only manga to the western world. Metroid: Samus & Joey is a non-canon original story featuring the adventures of Joey - Samus' first disciple after she saves him from a vicious Space Pirate attack. If you enjoy reading manga this is essential reading!

Special thanks to CapCom and Infinity's End for painstakingly translating the manga!

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  1. I found it amazing as well!

    Hopefully they will do more of these fan projects in the future, maybe make it into a full movie even...

    Posted by Flare on 5 November 2015 at 19:18 GMT

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