Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid Prime 4!!!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 at 21:00 GMT

Remember the excitement of Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion's reveal all those years ago? Even if you can't, we have some wonderful news from this year's E3. A few hours ago Nintendo have announced the upcoming release of Metroid: Samus Returns, an official remake of Metroid II for the Nintendo 3DS! Set for release on 15 September 2017, we only have a few months to wait for Samus' return after a seven (!) year break.

Nintendo also gave us another special treat - Metroid Prime 4! It's real! Only a teaser video of the logo was shown, and it sounds like Retro Studios won't be involved. Instead, long-time Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe will lead a new development team. As we wait to hear more news, enjoy the first look at Metroid: Samus Returns and the Metroid Prime 4 teaser!

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  1. I am so excited! I don’t have a 3ds, but now I have to get one. The Prime 4 reveal was a bit of a bummer seeing as they don’t have anything to show yet, but I can wait a few years now knowing that they are at least working on it. I look forward to hearing more Metroid news on this site once again! :D

    Posted by koifish22 on 13 June 2017 at 23:34 GMT

  2. The Rumors were real, and the Hype is bigger than ever!!!

    Posted by Andre on 14 June 2017 at 05:21 GMT


    Really hope the site is updated with a lot of content for these games when they release!!!

    Posted by Bruno on 19 June 2017 at 05:17 GMT


    Hopefully Retro Studios is making it...

    Posted by Flare on 19 June 2017 at 20:07 GMT

  5. Man Im sooo hyped for this!! I just finished Metroid Prime. I will get a 3DS.

    Posted by Soplox on 20 June 2017 at 09:08 GMT

  6. I LOVE Metroid: Samus Returns

    Posted by Jake Anderson on 7 October 2017 at 06:20 GMT

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