Dark Samus is Born

Written by Omicorn
Published on the 28th July, 2008.

My name is Greetek, but the "Space Pirates" call me the "Dark Hunter" or, previously, "Metroid Prime." I was born on the planet SR-388, but when I was in my "Zeta" period, I was tranquilized, captured, taken to a planet called "Zebes", and tested on along with my Metroid brethren. I was among the first specimens to successfully evolve quicker than usual, in fact, I evolved so quickly, that all of the life energy that I had ever siphoned out of any of my prey in my "standard" form began to change into a radioactive substance that the Pirates dubbed "Phazon."

This substance was a light blue crystal in its solid form and a purplish-blue colour as a liquid. The Phazon also had mutagenic properties, causing sometimes gruesome mutations and/or death in almost all creatures that came in contact with it. The Phazon even caused mutations in me, the source of the substance, causing me to make even more Phazon, snowballing the effect and changing my figure, making my body grow tentacle-like arms and giving me a large carapace of Phazon-infused skin in the shape of a crab found on many planets in the galaxy.

Long before the carapace was completely finished forming, the Pirates had sent me to the planet Tallon IV, where I spent approximately four Tallon cycles growing and producing Phazon. Since the Tallon cycles are exceptionally long, the Phazon had enough time to spread throughout Tallon IV, dramatically changing the environment and causing the extinction of the nearby Chozo race who named Phazon "the Great Poison" because it turned the nearby wildlife into strange mutations, made the water poisonous, made the Chozo extremely ill, and turned them against each other.

At first I felt almost sorry for the Chozo, but the Phazon crazed me to the point of attacking them up front. About one cycle after the extinction of the Chozo, which was 1.3 cycles after my arrival, the Space Pirates appeared on the planet and set up a base of operations where they took Phazon that I had produced, and used it to mutate Metroids into special strains, such as "Hunter" Metroids, which have a large energy siphon instead of the usual mandibles.

Then one day, the pirates were attacked by a person they call "The Hunter" while in orbit over the planet, and fell to the surface with the Hunter, who raided the Pirates' base of operations and came to my lair. We fought for about one half of an hour until the Hunter was able to force me out of my carapace, revealing my true form, when I could actually produce Phazon, which turned out to be a fairly bad idea, for the Hunter was able to stand in the pools of 100% pure Phazon, which allowed her to fire Phazon back at me, causing large amounts of damage, eventually "killing" me.

But, before my body exploded, I grabbed the Hunter's suit, but it came straight off of her, leaving her with an orange-and-purple suit instead of black. During the explosion a piece of Phazon was thrown into the air and into space, growing in size until landing on a strange planet inhabited by a psychic race of aliens where the Phazon spread like wildfire and tore the planet into another dimension.

I then figured out that the Hunter's suit must have hand some of her genetic material in it, because I later began to take the shape of her body and gained her abilities. I know not where the Hunter is, but I need to be careful to not confront her.