Samus Aran battles evil in any dimension. Feel like a quick game of pinball? Based on the story and elements introduced in Metroid Prime, this pinball adventure seamlessly combines classic pinball action with Samus' Morph Ball - the easy choice for the occasion.

Once again set on the Phazon-ravaged Chozo world of Tallon IV, Samus will embark on a quest to uncover and retrieve 12 Chozo Artifacts before access to the Artifact Temple can be granted.

Missiles, Power Bombs and the Morph Ball's sheer kinetic force grant Samus a limited but effective arsenal against any foe.

With all artifacts secure and countless foes defeated - including familiar boss monsters Thardus, the Omega Pirate and Meta Ridley, she'll unlock the Impact Crater for an ultimate showdown in a recreation of her first encounter with the deadly Metroid Prime in its Phazon-riddled lair.

Six tables representing different regions of Tallon IV present Samus with a multitude of challenges as she battles Space Pirates and secures items to enhances her abilities. A unique seventh table allows multiple DS units either locally or across the globe to battle it out in a race for pinball supremacy.

As a pinball game at its heart, the story element takes a backseat to your classic pinball action of flippers, bumpers, ramps and spinners while putting a Metroid spin on everything.

Expect a horde of Metroids, Space Pirates and the locals of Tallon IV all vying to sink your ball across a never-ending sequence of mini-game modes, with only your reflexes (and some handy powerups) to count on.

Game specifications and release dates

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  • Playable on:
    • Nintendo DS / Lite / DSi / DSi XL
    • Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo DS
Japan  Jan 19, 2006
USA  Oct 24, 2005
Europe  Jun 22, 2007
Australia  Dec 01, 2005

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