The galaxy is at peace. Samus Aran's victory against the Space Pirates on planet Zebes has secured a time of relative calm for the Galactic Federation.

During the conflict on Zebes, Samus discovered the Space Pirates' plot - to use parasitic lifeforms known as Metroids to attack galactic civilization and wreck havoc on their enemies.

The near-invincible creatures could suck the living life-force from any creature they touched, and were lethal in the wrong hands.

With the Space Pirates dealt with, the Metroids were still a threat. The Galactic Federation deemed them too dangerous to be allowed to exist.

Samus is called upon and given a clear objective - hunt down all remaining Metroids on their native homeworld of SR388 and ensure they can't be used by the Space Pirates or any others with evil intent.

Deep inside the planet, Samus will discover new evolutionary Metroids - those she faced on Zebes were just the beginning. Equipped with her Power Suit, Samus can count on finding a host of helpful Chozo relics waiting to be found throughout SR388.

This hunt will test her resolve and fortitude - can the galaxy's best bounty hunter emerge victorious?

Game specifications and release dates

Nintendo 3DS
Japan  Sep 15, 2017
USA  Sep 15, 2017
Europe  Sep 15, 2017
Australia  Sep 15, 2017

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