Surf the web and enjoy a vast amount of Metroid websites and fan-made projects. If you've got your own Metroid site not listed below, please send the link in and I'll be happy to add it here.

Metroid community websites

CongloMetroid CongloMetroid
An interesting blog-based site covering all manner of Metroid-themed topics.
Lonely on Zebes Lonely on Zebes
A unique blog from the perspective of Samus Aran.
Metroid 2002 Metroid 2002
Read about tricks and glitches found throughout the Metroid series.
Metroid: Alpha Hatch Project Metroid: Alpha Hatch Project
A new Metroid fan game project.
Metroid II Secret Worlds Metroid II Secret Worlds
Learn about a myriad of hidden secrets within Metroid II.
Metroid Construction Metroid Construction
A resource for modifications and hacks of your favourite 2D Metroid games.
Metroid: Coven Metroid: Coven
A top-down Metroid fan game.
Metroid Cubed Metroid Cubed
Play a magnificent semi-3D remake of the classic Metroid.
Metroid Database Metroid Database
Since 1996, the Metroid Database has been the legacy and backbone of Metroid on the internet.
Metroid: Fan Mission Metroid: Fan Mission
A great resource for Metroid sprites and fan game enthusiasts.
Metroid Galaxy Guide Metroid Galaxy Guide
Lose yourself in this fan-built Metroid encyclopedia.
Metroid Headquarters Metroid Headquarters
A thriving community, interesting fan games and a fantastic podcast await!
Metroid Manga Metroid Manga
Read a translated version of a manga chronicling Samus' early days with the Chozo.
Metroid Metal Metroid Metal
Listen to great remixed Metroid tunes from devoted musicians.
Metroid Online Map Team Metroid Online Map Team
A Metroid Prime modification for Halo and Halo 2.
Metroid Prime 2D Metroid Prime 2D
See a brilliant project to bring Metroid Prime into the 2D realm.
Metroid Reorchestrated Metroid Reorchestrated
A website celebrating the music of Metroid with various covers and remixed tracks.
Metroid Wiki Metroid Wiki
An independent Metroid wiki from the makers of Zelda Informer and Zelda Wiki.
Planete Zebes Planete Zebes
An all-encompassing Metroid site for French fans.
Planet Zebeth Planet Zebeth
Metroid with a twist.
Project AM2R - Another Metroid 2 Remake Project AM2R
A great project aspiring to remake Metroid II in the style of Metroid: Zero Mission.
Relics of the Chozo Relics of the Chozo
Listen to an amazing recreation of the Super Metroid soundtrack.
Shinesparkers Shinesparkers
A great online Metroid community housing interviews and other special features.
Super Metroid Remastered Super Metroid Remastered
A magnificent remix of the Super Metroid soundtrack.
Wikitroid Wikitroid
A growing Metroid knowledge base utilising the wiki platform.

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