Written by Stefan Gewiss
Published on the 21st August, 2008.

Entry log 51

We have suffered countless losses to the one known as Samus Aran. Most recently our Phazon exploits were ruined when she was able to destroy all of Phaaze. Not only this but our entire fleet was annihilated during the battle to protect the planet. Also during this battle our homeworld, containing the majority of our troops, was found and destroyed by the hated Galactic Federation. This left but us, we meager few, who have sworn revenge against the hunter. Now we must return to our final refuge, Zebes. Hopefully this will provide enough shelter to plan our next attack.

Entry log 54

We are now in the process of rebuilding Zebes, but many problems have arisen. Namely the local wildlife have begun to infest the once triumphant and reclusive walls. To combat the animal menace we have begun cloning our lord Kraid to help control the fauna as he once did. Yet alas, he is not as strong as he once was, and will need help to guide the local predators against the hunter. Therefore we have also enlisted some of the creatures to undergo creative reconstruction to better help our cause. Among these the most powerful is Draygon, an Evir that held great potential, and is now the lord of Maridia. Sadly since his creation he has fled from us, and is unresponsive to our probing in his territory. Due to this regrettable issue a ban has been placed in Maridia and no pirates are allowed there.

Entry log 54

We now have gotten word from Draygon that the destructive plasma beam has bean located in Maridia. After studying the weapon we deployed a special brigade of pirates to protect the devastating weapon. These elite few are only susceptible to the blasts of plasma the weapon produces. Alongside this special breed of pirates are also two Ridley guards which have such strong armor that it can only be destroyed during a few moments of vulnerability. Kihunters have also lent a hand.

Entry log 55

Alongside Kraid we are also cloning Mother Brain, and recloning Ridley. At first we were low on energy after the completion of Mother Brain, but on its completion the large super computer located an alternate energy source found in the Wrecked Ship. To use its potential we created a being able to harness this energy which we dubbed Phantoon. It quickly took a liking to its new home and created ghost like beings of its own called Coverns to help harvest every drop of energy it could. Now we have all the power we need to continue with our plan.

Entry log 58

Now that the hunter has visited us once and knows the layout, we have taken it upon ourselves to change it anyway possible. The first thing to be done was to make the new Tourian. Now done, it is much deeper and more difficult to locate. We have also destroyed countless Chozo artifacts that were encountered. If we were unable to destroy any, then we would either protect or hide them. Two such items are guarded by our recent creations called Torizo. Three others are guarded by our new leaders. Although there was one artifact that was neither guarded nor destroyed. The morph ball, a rather useless item for our efforts, has been used as a booby trap alerting us to the Hunter's entry.


Entry log 61

We have finally finished the body for Mother Brain. Oddly though, it has asked not to be attached to the body until its tank has been destroyed. In light of this we have housed the body in the bunker room under Mother Brain, to be summoned when the moment asks of it.

Entry log 62

A scout ship has just returned with the news that the Hunter recently dispatched every Metroid on SR388 but one which is in her custody. Being able to clone Metroids is a vital portion of our plan, therefore this last hatchling is a very important key. Without an actual living Metroid culture we were only able to make the less useful Mochroids. We now know that Samus has left it in a research station's hands, making the theft of the creature all the easier. Ridley himself has proposed going it alone to steal the hatchling, and lead the Hunter back here. We have nothing but confidence in his exploits, and trust him completely. Our only hope now is that we have underestimated Samus for the last time.