Ing Possession

Written by Omicorn
Published on the 17th July, 2008.

Log Entry #154
Location: Aether
Earth Date: Unknown

Today, while in Dark Aether, I was temporarily possessed by a warrior Ing. I entered Dark Aether through a rift portal in the Torvus Bog. Upon arriving, I was greeted by a large Ing who fired transdementional rift beams at me, cracking the visor of my Dark Suit! I ran to the safety of a nearby light beacon which I energized immediately. Clutching by visor and running into the projection field of the beacon, I realized that the atmosphere of Dark Aether, being caustic to my suit, disrupted my arm cannon, leaving me defenseless against the large Ing! The beacon area began to flash, showing that it was almost going to shut down! Looking around frantically for a Luminoth light crystal, I realized that the Ing had already nullified them.

"Shit!" I said aloud, choking, coughing and looking for any form of shelter the area might hold, and being unsuccessful. My suit energy was dropping very quickly, the beacon having dissipated long ago, so I decided to fight the good ol' fashioned way, hand-to-hand. I jumped high into the air, screw attacked the Ing, driving it back for a few seconds, and prepared to strike with my arm cannon. But, before I could do so, the Ing rolled itself into a ball and rammed right into me, I mean literally, into me, taking over my body. It took me farther away from the safe zones and closer to a pool of Dark Water and almost threw me into it. I struggled for what seemed like an eternity to get control over my body until I was finally able to get enough control to throw myself into a light crystal projection area, and get that freakish thing out of my body. My breathing was very shallow, my skin felt as though it were being soaked in battery acid and my eyes were so red, you would think that I was bleeding from them, but in spite of all this, I threw one last punch with my arm cannon at the Ing, which left a lovely ring-shaped hole in the beast and sent it flying onto a light crystal which it was impaled upon. I collapsed on the ground, breathing so shallowly it was hardly noticeable and closed my eyes. This was short-lived however, because I opened my eyes again to see a hologram of U-Mos looming over me.

"Samus, get up! The air here is toxic to all organisms from the light world and is highly caustic to your suit, get up!" he said to me, opening the rift portal that I came from. I tried to stand up, but when I got to my knees, my strength waned and left me in the dirt again. Thirty painful seconds  this lasted for, and then I finally rose to a kneeling position and threw myself into the portal, to safety. Light never felt better! I came out of the portal to find myself in front of my ship. After a few minutes of laying on the ground, I got up and went into my ship. I removed my suit, placed it into its storage unit, staring at it with red eyes in my zero suit, and went to my sleeping quarters to write this entry and take a nap, which is what I'm about to do! Goodnight!

End Log