Metroid Prime: Hunters 2 - Chapter 2

Written by Nebulon
Published on the 11th October, 2009.

Rescue and Capture

A space pirate commando entered the building that had ben designated as the operation's command center. "Commander Weavel. We have a message from Commander Trace," he announced. "He says that five Galactic Federation dropships are entering the atmosphere, and that they will be landing soon." "Prepare the Anti-Aircraft Units," commanded Weavel. The commando left the building, went to the Turret control and activated the base's defense system.

Minutes later, the turrets pivoted in the direction of the incoming dropships and began to pulse bolts of energy towards them. One turret scored a hit and the leading dropship plummeted to the ground, exploding on impact like a giant grenade. Unknown to the pirates and Krikens, a special squad of cloaked GF Troopers were already heading towards the base on foot. Unfortunately for the squad, Trace's team of snipers were only minutes behind them.

The team leader activated his communicator to give a progress report. "Chameleon One to Command," he said. "We are five out from the pirate base. Repeat, we are five out." "So far, so good," said one of the other Marines over the team's communication channel. He took another step and the ground around him exploded. The cloaks of the remaining troopers wavered from the explosion, revealing them for a second. A red beam of energy split the air and another marine fell. "Great!" exclaimed Chameleon One. "A minefield in front of us and snipers behind us." "Can things get any worse?" asked Chameleon Four. Suddenly, the ground shook and the rest of the mines detonated, vaporizing Chameleon Four. "He had to ask, didn't he?" questioned Chameleon Two. "At least the minefield is taken care of," responded Chameleon One grimly.

They briefly saluted their fallen squad mates and ran across the scorched field. They reached the base, then slowly and cautiously entered. "Do a quick scan of the buildings," ordered One. "Try to find the prison barracks." They scanned around for a few moments. "Well, there's nothing here on this side, One, except an armory and turret control." "I found where she is," One responded. "Go deactivate those turrets. I will get Aran." "Yes, sir," said Chameleon Two as he ran towards the control barrack.

Chameleon One ran to the prison barracks and entered the only one that had occupied cells. He looked through all of them and quickly located Samus, and opened the door by hacking the control. Samus heard the door and looked around. As the trooper entered the room, she saw the shimmer from his cloak. She activated her X-ray visor, and saw who it was. "Don't worry, Samus," he said. "I am here to get you out." The Marine walked over to the cell's control console and deactivated it. Samus dropped on the platform under the restraint unit and felt her motor functions return as the clamp released her suit. "Team Chameleon, this is Command. Report," said a voice over One's radio. "Command, this is One. We lost Chameleons Three through Five on our way," he responded. "I just freed Aran. Chameleon Two is working on deactivating the base's defense turrets as we speak." "Chameleon One, this is the Admiral. Good job son. I'm sorry for your team's loss. They are coming to pick you up now."

All of a sudden, an explosion rocked the barracks. Samus and the trooper ran out of the barrack and watched as the AA turrets and the control barrack self-destructed. Simultaneously, Chameleon Two's team signal vanished from One's HUD. "NO!" he shouted angrily. He started towards the demolished barrack, but Samus stopped him. Just then, what seemed like the entire camp's inhabitants suddenly poured out from everywhere and surrounded Samus and Chameleon One. To the surprise of the bounty-hunter and the marine, they weren't all space pirates. There were hundreds of Krikens standing among the ranks.

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