The Origin of Kraid

Written by Elgnirp
Published on the 6th January, 2010.

Author's intro: "Everyone knows of how Ridley killed Samus' parents, resulting in their long history. But not much is known about the other Space Pirate general, Kraid..."

Chapter One: Creation

"Equipment stabilised...splice beam ready...and...go!"

Those were the words heard by Kraid right before his life was torn apart. He was once a regular Geemer, until he was captured by the Space Pirates. For weeks, he underwent gene splice experiments, until eventually he started to mutate, into a giant three eyed monster. However, he didn't hate the Pirates, as he agreed with their views, and was perfectly willing to be used as a test subject for gene splicing. He was soon put in charge of a battalion of Pirates, and formed a close bond with Ridley, an Alcoon who also underwent the Pirates' "Mutation Enhancement" program.

Chapter Two: Reputation

After a few years, Kraid and Ridley learned of a campaign: an attack on the Earth colony known as K-2L. This raid was to be led by Ridley. However, Kraid was sent as backup with a battalion of troops in case Ridley failed. Unfortunately, it went wrong. Kraid was supposed to go in as a second wave, but ordered his troops to rush in and attack, instead of waiting until Ridley had stopped as planned. His and Ridley's troops were decimated, and it bought a human enough time to contact the Chozo on Zebes. The Pirates could not match the Chozo's technology, and so were forced to retreat. A few survivors were left to get revenge. And it was all Kraid's fault. However, instead of being executed, he was given a second chance. A few years later, the Pirates attacked Zebes and took over. Kraid was put in charge of a small and relatively unimportant section-Brinstar. Unfortunately, he failed again. He allowed himself to be defeated by the Hunter, Samus Aran. Brinstar was taken, and again, it was his fault. Unusually though, Kraid was given one more chance.

Chapter Three: Redemption

Zebes was retaken by the Space Pirates. Kraid was again put in charge of Brinstar. When the Hunter attacked again, Kraid was not defeated, simply incapacitated. When the Hunter got to Tourain, Kraid rushed to Norfair, where his old comrade, Ridley lay, defeated and dying. However, Kraid knew how to not only revive him, but temporarily enhance him as well, knowing he stood a better chance against the Hunter than Kraid. After Mother Brain was defeated, and Zebes evacuated, Ridley went out after the Hunter, intent on destroying her once and for all. However, he failed again. The Pirates finally gave up on Kraid. He was left on Zebes to die. However, a small part of his DNA was kept, just in case the Pirates needed to clone another guardian...