PED Suit/Corrupt Hypermode

Written by Omicorn
Published on the 20th September, 2008.

I woke up in a room I didn't recognize."God, my head is pounding... Oh, yes, I remember what happened! Dark Samus shot us..."

"Oh, you're awake! You've been out cold for quite some time, a month to be exact," said a Federation medic. I've been out for a month!? I asked myself. "While you were out, we fitted you with a Federation Phazon Enhancement Device, or PED suit."

"What? PED? - Oh yeah, there were Federation soldiers on Norion using those to fight the Pirates, weren't there?" I asked her.

"Yes, there were," she replied "the PED allows use of Phazon-based weaponry." Wow, Phazon weaponry, I remember my Phazon suit allowed me to use that against Metroid Prime when I was on Tallon IV.

"You can utilize this function to destroy Phazon, kind of ironic isn't it? Anyway, you can do extra damage to almost any enemy and overload Phazon-based armour or mechanics.

"I'll have the area sealed off to test the weaponry."

A large circcular target of Phazon rose piece by piece in the center of the room. Shoot these with your hypermode weapons to destroy them," said the Medic. I activated Hypermode and charged up my beam, thinking it would be like my regular charge shot, but instead, it shot a rapid multi-shot blast and destroyed most of the targets in one charge, and the rest I destroyed with my single-shots.


About a week later, I was on Bryyo and was about to try and shut down an anti-air battery when I involuntarily went into hypermode.

"What the f***!?" I yelled out.

Shoot weaponry to rid your body of Phazon. I read on my visor display. Immediately I began shooting Phazon at nearby Pirates trying to keep me from shutting down the battery, making short work of them, and ripped off the plate on the bottom of the battery, exposing power supplies which I shot as well, destroying the battery.

"Damn, I shouldn't let that happen again," I said to myself as I gave my ship the order to destroy the power supply to the Leviathan's shield and escort me into the Seed. Once inside I saw a large war golem in the centre of the room which I scanned and identified as "Mogenar" and activated with one of my morph ball bombs. Bad idea, and to make a long story short, the golem stood up and started to attack me, and after a few minutes of fighting I destroyed it and picked up my powerup: the Hyperball, which allowed me to vent large amounts of damaging Phazon in Morph Ball mode.

Then a large plant-like formation appeared in front of me, which I destroyed with my newly aquired Hyperball. While this was happening my visor was informing me via my Phazon meter that I had an excessive amount of Phazon to use, which came in handy, because a Leviathan came down out of the ceiling above me. I released all the excess Phazon in my body to destroy it and retreated to my gunship.

In my ship, the Aurora Unit 242 informed me of the other Leviathan Seed on Elysia.

"Well, I guess that I'll retire for a while before going to Elysia," I say to myself, reaching for the Biohazard Scan initiator button "I'll check my Biohazard level," "...Oh, God"

Biohazard Scan complete. Status: Corrupted. Phazon Level 50%

End Log