Power Suit

Written by Omicorn
Published on the 19th June, 2008.

Log Entry, Date: Unknown, Location: Tallon IV

I woke up this morning to see the figure of a Chozo looming over me.

"Samus, wake up, it is time for you to see a present that we have made for you."

"A present?" I said, rising from my bed. "Why are you giving me a present?"

"No real reason, we just want you to see this."


The Chozo lead me through a hall into a room where I saw a suit hanging on the wall. The suit had, what appears to be, a large arm cannon on the right side, an object behind the left arm that I couldn't identify, a green visor, which seems to be changeable, and very small jetpack boosters on the back.

"This is your present, Samus. Try it on," says the Chozo to me.

"THIS?! This is my present??"



The Chozo that were in the room all left for me to change into the suit, which fit perfectly. The suit was very heavy, but it didn't really matter because I trained with heavy things all the time. The arm cannon was the heaviest part of the suit, having many switches in it, one of which, I figured out fired a sphere of some sort of material that scorched the stone wall of the room when I shot it and missiles that almost put a hole in the wall. I found out then what the object behind my left arm was; a large beam that attached itself to the branch of a tree. But the visor was probably the best part, having the ability to change from a regular view to a scanner to an infrared heat visor to an X-ray visor in seconds. Then I figured out the ball. I realized that I was able to roll into a ball a meter wide and drop small bombs which made sandstone crumble into dust. I came out of the morph ball, opened the hatch to the room and hugged the Chozo who made the wonderful suit.

"Samus, control yourself, you're choking me," one Chozo said to me.

"Sorry," I said releasing them from my embrace. "This is simply the best gift ever!"

"Wait until you see the training ground."

"Training ground?"

"Follow us," said the Chozo, turning around and walking towards another hatch.

When we finally got to the training area I almost collapsed. It had targets for my beam, my missiles, grapple points for the special beam, and morph ball tracks for me to wander through. "We spent the last few days building this for you, Samus. Use it as often as you like. There are secrets to this place too, extra weapons for you to find. Be careful, have fun, and speak to us later," the Chozo said as he left the room.

"I will have fun here," I said to myself running off into the ball track.

End Log