Samus vs. Ridley: The Epic Battle

Written by Elgnirp
Published on the 30th December, 2009.

Author's intro: "This story that takes place immediately after Super Metroid and tells of the epic fight between Samus and Ridley..."

Chapter One: Ridley

Log Book Entry 008

Damn. Ridley got away. I thought I defeated him when I "visited" Norfair. After defeating Mother Brain, I left, thinking it was over. When I got to my ship and took off, my scanners found something escaping the planet. I thought it was the creatures I rescued. But it wasn't. Within minutes Ridley was attacking my ship. No matter how many missiles I shot at him, he would not relent. However, he flew away without finishing the job. But why? I doesn't matter. Ridley has flown to the planet Verconius in the Guinom system. I'm going there to destroy the killer of my family. Get ready Ridley! I'm coming for you!

Chapter Two: Preparation

Log Book Entry 009

I'm here. On Verconius. I will not let Ridley escape. I don't know why he's here, but I don't care. I will destroy him......I've had a thought. Do I dare? Since the destruction of Phaaze it should have all gone. But I managed to somehow save one tank of Phazon. Should I use it against Ridley? It could corrupt me. The universe doesn't need another Dark Samus. And without me to destroy it...the universe would be doomed. Another age would come. The Age of Phazon. I'm straying from the point...Okay! I will use this one Phazon tank. Rid the universe of that vile substance. Okay...Morph Ball...ready! Bombs...ready! Power bombs...ready! Missiles...ready! Screw Attack...ready! Okay Ridley. Let's do this!

Chapter Three: Battle

Ridley saw her coming. He knew she was coming. He had wanted his revenge for a long time. Now he could fight her again, face to face. He had chosen his stage. A flat valley, no hills or cliffs or trees. Completely flat. Perfect. Samus burst into the battlefield, Arm Cannon blazing, firing round after round at Ridley. He dodged them, and fired plasma at her. It impacted her chest, and she staggered back. Ridley took the chance to loose a huge fireball at her. It hit, and sent her flying across the valley. She sprang up, and fired a Super Missile into Ridley's face. The impact blasted him fifty feet back, while Samus blasted him with Power Beam rounds. Ridley and Samus seemed equally matched. But then Samus turned the tide. She suddenly injected an energy tank full of Phazon and went Hypermode. "What? How is this possible?!" yelled Ridley. "DIE MURDERER!!!" screamed Samus, and fired three tons of Phazon straight at Ridley. Within seconds he was on the ground, writhing in pain, and more Phazon flew into his body. He managed to stand up. "YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME," he shouted at Samus. "I WILL ALWAYS COME BAAAAACK!!!". He fell to the floor, gave one last roar, and suddenly, there was an explosion the size of a moon. It completely engulfed Ridley. Samus was still powered up with Phazon, and resisted the blast. As the smoke died down, Samus thrust her Arm Cannon at the sky, victorious at last! However, the Phazon in her body, began to overreact. And as she felt this happening, Samus deeply regretted using that Phazon tank...

Chapter Four: Corruption

"OH S***!" Samus yelled, and quickly started to vent Phazon through her Arm Cannon. But she had left it too long, and the Phazon was now pumping through her veins. There was so much in her body, she could feel it corrupting her. Tentacles of Phazon came into her field of view, and started growing larger and larger. They quickly took over her visor. As she lifted into the air, the tentacles wrapped around her body. There would be another Dark Samus, and the Age of Phazon would be a reality. But suddenly, as a last ditch attempt to save the universe, Samus focused her energy and all at once, released all her Phazon. It exploded out of her, vaporising the tentacles corrupting her. She fell to the ground. "Phew," she breathed, glad that all Phazon was gone not only from her body, but from the universe. "Mission...complete," she muttered, and punched the air.