Metroid Skylab

Written by Varia Tyra
Published on the 5th February, 2010.

Author's intro: "In an unknown region of space, a Hunter makes her move..."

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Mission Log #37

Start Log...

I have been sent to investigate a Space Pirate lab in an unknown galaxy. So far, I have been able to sneak around their lines of defense unseen. From what I have seen, they are experimenting on a new type of alien, or perhaps another type of Metroid. I haven't seen any Phazon in this area, so they aren't using any for their experiments. The more I look around, the farther I must go.

End Log

Down on the planet a trap is being made ready...

"Here she comes!" yelled the Space Pirate lookout.

"Good, let her come." Commander Weavil said with a grin.

Ever since his last encounter with The Hunter, Weavil had time to reform his team of Pirates. And this time he had set the trap.

"Load the cannons!" Commander Weavil ordered as he pointed toward one of his men.

Four loud 'clicks' sounded off.

"Cannons loaded, Commander." said one of the pirates, with a slight bow.

"Good, now which one of you wants to be the bait?" Weavil asked with a chuckle. Four of his five pirates stepped back, leaving one in front of their Commander. With fear in his mind, he looked to his sides: then swallowed it and stepped forward. But before Weavil had time to tell him his plan, Samus jumped from the top of the hill, landing her weight on the pirate and crushing him. Weavil stepped backward, taking aim at her head. Quickly, he attempted to shoot her. Samus jumped to the side, avoiding the shot. And hit another one of the pirates with her arm cannon. Weavil's shot hit the pirate, now in front of him, in the torso. Samus recovering from her skidding, aimed her arm cannon at Weavil, and fired a missile. Before he was able to turn around, it hit him. "No!" yelled Weavil as it slammed him against the hillside. Samus immediately turned and shot her beam at the other two pirates, still standing there stunned. One she hit in the head, the other was hit in the torso. Weavil, getting up, shot at Samus again, this time he hit her in the back. Samus quickly spun to block his blade, and then punched him in his torso wound. Weavil screamed in pain, but kept trying to cut her in half. The pirate, whom Samus had shot in his torso, regained his footing and attempted to shoot Samus in the back. Seeing his movement on her tracker, Samus sidestepped at the last second, releasing Weavil's arm, pushing him into the pirate. Weavil's blade slashed the pirate in half and the pirate's shot hit Weavil in the side. Samus aimed and shot Weavil in the back with another missile. All that could be heard was Weavil screaming as his body went flying. With them finally out of her way, Samus reached her ship. Taking off, she headed for the Skylab.

Mission Log #38

Start Log...

The Space Pirates are on the planet, according to the scans I have made, they called this planet Bryon. I have found out that they are sending Phazon into the system and corrupting the planets. I have already notified the Galactic Federation of the Phazon, and they suggested immediate evacuation of any living beings on the planets. But my investigation of the planets revealed that the planets are not inhabited by any being. My focus has now turned to the Skylab the pirates have orbiting the planet, Bryon.

End Log

As Samus' ship neared the Skylab, she hit the thrusters to slow her approach. Now docked, she jumped from her ship, flipping in the air and landing in a crouch. Looking around her, satisfied with her surroundings, she stood and headed for the airlock. The airlock slid open, revealing a long hallway beyond. As she walked down the hall nearing the door, there was a loud scream from the other side and several explosions followed as she raced to the door. It slid apart silently, on the other side, however, was complete destruction. Holding cells all over the room walls were broken open and the being responsible for this mess were: Metroids. Unlike the ones Samus encountered before, these were yellow and lightning fast. They were all over her in seconds. "Argg. I don't have time for this!" she said as she rolled into Morph Ball and unleashed a power bomb, which exploded seconds later, killing the metroids around her. Getting up in a run, she made her way out of the Metroid chaos, firing her ice beam and missiles at the Metroids. Every time she killed one, two took its place and came at her faster. Soon, after she shot down the last one in her sights, silence fell about the large room. Nothing moved. The only thing Samus could hear was her own heartbeat and her breathing. Regaining her senses, she looked for another door. The only one was high above the level she was on, and the lift was broken.

"Nothing my Screw Attack can't reach." Samus thought as she somersaulted into a spinning wheel of energy, leaping from wall to wall. Once at the top, the door slid silently apart, bidding her enter. Samus, cautiously, walked through the door into the hall beyond. After walking down the hall, another door lead into a smaller room. Finding the room empty, Samus continued through the lab. She wandered on through the station. Finally, Samus found what she wanted, the energy control room. Overloading the energy units would cause an explosion strong enough to destroy the Skylab. That was all she had to do, well that and get off before the lab blows. Searching for the control console was easy, finding the codes wasn't very hard, either way, getting off had always been the hardest part of it all. The last thing she wanted was to run head-on into Metroids, going though the lab was easy, no pirates to stop her. Where are they? Did the Metroids kill them?

"Now, if there was some type of super Metroid, it would attack me when I push this..." Samus thought, reaching for a red button that popped up. Ready for a fight, she swung around. But instead of a monster, all of a sudden the lights went out, and an explosion echoed through the room.

"Well," Samus sighed. "so much for that idea."

Then a green light flashed on the control console, Samus reached and touched it; it flashed red then dimmed. The lights came back on. Samus looked around, nothing. She sighed in disappointment as she flipped a switch, and put in the overload code. A timer appeared on her HUD. She turned around to leave and was hit in the back of her head...

"What should we do?" asked a voice. "She set this place to blow."

"For the third time, stay calm." said another. "I'm trying to deactivate it." "Yeah, but all you've been able to do is put more time on the count down!" the first one yelled.

Samus opened her eyes and saw two men standing at the control console. No pirates?

"Um... what do you think you doing?" Samus asked, shaking her head clear.

Both of them froze, looked at each other then to Samus.

"We are trying to deactivate the overload you set." said one of them.

"Why? I set it to blow because according to the law of the G.F. the experiments here are illegal." Samus explained. "And why are you on this space station, isn't this a Space Pirate research lab?"

"Well... yes it is, but we can't let it blow." the other said. "The Pirates will kill us!"

Samus let out a long sigh, looked down at the rope they tied her with, then back to them, "You know I can get out of this, right?" she said. "And I ..."

The one nearest to her raised his rifle at her head and his finger hovered near the trigger. "As I was saying," she began again. "I could take you with me it you want."

"You... you would?" the first one asked looking over the other's shoulder.

"Of course I would, if you're not with the Space Pirates then I'm to make sure you get off safely." She answered him.

"We're not really with them." the first one said pushing the other aside. "Please, take us with you!"

"Hmm... you sure you're not?" Samus asked with a grin.

"Yes, positive. Please, just get me out of here!" he yelled.

Samus looked at the other man standing there.

"And you?"

"I am with the G.F. I've been here on recon waiting for them to send help." he replied. "My name is James Johnson."

"You're with the G.F. and you never told me?" the first one yelled.

"Please be patient with him, he's out of his mind." James said to Samus. "And I didn't tell you because I knew my secret wouldn't be safe."

"O.K. So if you two are done we kinda need to leave." Samus inputted standing and breaking the ropes.

"Good I'm ready to leave..." the first one started."... What about Commander Weavil?"

"Oh... he's taking a nap." Samus said walking toward the door. "Down on the planet..."

"On Bryon?" James asked.

"Um... yes on Bryon." she replied. "And I didn't get your name."

"Me? I'm Nathan Young." he said.

"Well, then we had better get moving." said Samus looking at the timer on her HUD. "We have less then five minutes left."

James looked at Nathan then ran after Samus.

"Do you have any other weapons?" she asked over her shoulder. "You're gonna need one."

"No, all we have is my rifle." replied James.

"Great..." Samus sighed.

"What's so great about it?" Nathan asked.

Samus held up her hand, an explosion echoed in the large control room and several screams followed another explosion.

"4:03. Not much time." said Samus.

"Wh... What was that?" Nathan asked.

"Probably just Metroids. We need to keep moving." Samus responded.

They followed Samus through another door and down the hallway, which opened up into a small room. The room that had been empty when she went through it before, now five Metroids roamed in the room. Quickly Samus reacted, closing the door and firing her ice beam at the nearest Metroid. After freezing them and shattering the ice with missiles, the room was clear. Samus took a deep breath and reopened the door.

"What was that all about?" Nathan asked as the door slid open.

"The same reason I asked if you had any weapons." Samus replied. "Metroids."

With that said she looked at her timer, 3:27. Time was running away. They had to move faster or they wouldn't make it out in time. "This way, get a move on!" Samus ordered, pointing down a hallway fork.

Rounding a corner to a door, which slid open silently, was a large room... the large room she started in... the one with all the broken cells. Like babysitting wasn't enough, she'd have to protect them too now.

"Great..." Samus thought out loud.

"Great... what's so great?" James asked. "More Metroids?"

"Yes, lots more." Samus said. "Come on, not much time."

"Not much time?" asked Nathan. "How long is 'not much'?" Samus said nothing and jumped down on top of the lift, making it easy for them to climb down.

"Hurry!" Samus yelled over her shoulder as she began to shoot the Metroids that started to come out of hiding with her ice beam. As they climbed down, more and more Metroids seemed to appear out of thin air. Samus spun on her heels and shot another Metroid that was coming up behind her.When they finally made it down, James started to fire his rifle at the Metroids as they ran for the door on the other side of the room...

Samus ran backwards (still shooting Metroids) to accompany them on the other side of the door. As they ran down the last hall to the door, Samus continued to shoot the pursuing Metroids.


"Get in!" Samus said pointing to her ship, then turning to shoot another Metroid. Back-flipping she landed on her ship and opened the hatch. After getting in she primed the engines and finally took off.


From the planet Bryon you could see a bright sun appear and cover the night sky. This time the Space Pirates were cleaning up the mess.



"Sir, we are receiving a message from Samus." said a crew member.

"Put it on the screen, private." replied the Admiral as he turned towards the screen.

The screen blinked and the message played: