Samus Aran and The War of Eternity: Prologue

Written by Adorios
Published on the 1st February, 2009.

In a year hundreds of years from our own, the Chozo worked with the Humans and thousands of other extraterrestrial species to set up a common goal: the establishment of universal discovery, interplanetary unity, and protection and justice throughout the universe. These three goals not only spelled the divine goal of the universe, but they also built the standards and laws of the largest interplanetary union in all universal history: The Galactic Federation. This enormous union was made to govern and control the space that all living things had once explored. It was the true cause, the government of the stars. But unfortunately, the Galactic Federation wasn't approved by all species. Many species did not join this new authority, and went on with nomadic ways. They were species such as the Luminoth, the Alimbic, and the Bryyo Reptilians. However, they had no intention of opposing the newly found republic, and they posed no threat to the Galactic Federation. Yet, a criminal organization was indeed formed to oppose the newly found republic. This organization was simply known as the Space Pirates by its victims. It was composed of a multitude of species which names have been forgotten since then. Yet there is one species that has not been forgotten: the Dragons. The last standing dragon has placed himself in command of the Space Pirate army. His name is Dragon Lord Ridley. The Space Pirates continued to pillage different planets and murder the denizens of many space colonies. The Galactic Federation had no choice, and they declared war upon the Space Pirates. The two opposing factions had battled fiercely for control of the universe after these events.


On a medium sized planet almost as old as its inhabitants, a birdlike species known as the Chozo has created a large technologically advanced empire. Even though the Chozo are one of the most nomadic and peaceful species in the universe, they have the capacity to create weapons strong enough to destroy any enemy. Their power is unmatchable. Yet the enemy they are fighting is not the Space Pirates, but a more powerful enemy than any other.

"Old Bird, are you sure that we should be creating this dangerous warrior? We are starting to doubt if even we can control it."

Old Bird, the Elder of the Chozo species, let out a large sigh. He was with Iron Beak, his top scientist, in an enormous laboratory. The walls were covered in holo-screens, displaying various amounts of data and information. In the center, a lightly pulsating containment unit awaited the moment it would finally be opened, with a strange floating creature staring ceaselessly out through the window.

"Do not worry yourself, Iron Beak. The warrior will not need be at our side to eradicate the menace on SR-388. It will attack alone, for its behavioral patterns have been programmed into its DNA. It will not forget its purpose."

"That is not what worries me, Old Bird. It is the fact that it has the power to withstand almost any environment, even the airless vacuum of space. What if it tries to escape SR-388? When its program is finished, it will revert to the demonic untamed creature it once was. It will crave power, and try to invade other planets!"

"And if it does, we have the knowledge to defeat it."

Iron Beak still looked worried. He was reading about a certain genetic anomaly that the warrior had developed. It scared him to the center of his heart.

"But what if it reproduces? Here, it says that when it has consumed enough energy, it will grow to a state where it will have the ability to reproduce asexually. It would become a huge menace if it did!"

"We don't have the time to fix that! We must deport it to SR-388 as soon as possible. If either the Galactic Federation or the Space Pirates catches word of the warrior, they will certainly try to control it. The warrior must destroy the X Parasite at all costs, for every time we make a mistake, the X learns from it. The X will be the true ruler of the universe if this happens!"

Suddenly, a large explosion rocks the laboratory. Sirens started to go off, and a large metal eyeball flew into the room.

"Mother Brain! Please, report upon the situation!"

The large metal eyeball was the planetary computer core's "eye". The computer core, Mother Brain, replied to the request.

"The surface of Zebes is being destroyed by the Space Pirate Lord Vessel. Please, escape while you still can! The Space Pirates must be after the Metroid. It must be deported to SR-388 at all costs. Bring the Metroid with you in the escape pod. Hurry!"

"Understood. Come, Iron Beak! We must escape!"

"No objections at all!"

The pair, carrying the canister containing Metroid inside, ran to the underground escape channel. Old Bird looked at Metroid, with a frightening thought on his mind. He wondered: Is this going to be the universe's only hope, or the one thing to tear it apart?

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