Metroid: The Cronus Cluster - Prologue

Written by Chase Buesking
Published on the 20th October, 2009.

The events that are recorded here occurred between the mission on Tallon IV and the Alimbic Cluster. Samus Aran had recently finished her mission on Tallon IV the Chozo home world, which had been evacuated due to the meteor which violently struck the planet and corrupted its core with the harmful radioactive material now called Phazon. Phazon either kills the organism that comes in contact with it or it can be used as a performance enhancing material if handled correctly. The Space Pirates conducted research in large facilities on Phazon. They enhanced their greatest soldiers until they became walking behemoths only to be stopped by the bounty hunter Samus Aran. The Space Pirates were also continuing research on the deadly Metroids. They were still untamed and quite harmful. In the end Samus was able to thwart their plans and destroy the majority of the forces stationed on Tallon IV.

Deep under the crater resulting from the infected meteor an evil greatly underestimated by the Chozo and Pirate forces was dwelling. It was dubbed Metroid Prime, for it seemed to be the Metroid queen. It also grew powerful off the remarkable mass of Phazon stored in the caverns. Samus was able to reach these deadly caverns and travel through to Prime's lair and destroy the beast. Little did she know, that from the remains of Metroid Prime a new evil was resembled her. Had her features...Had her weaponry...Except it was made of Phazon...and had terrible intentions. Its goal: To spread Phazon to the reaches of the universe. Infecting it with her terrible virus. Nothing shall come in its way...It was dubbed "Dark Samus”.

Samus Aran's efforts on Tallon IV left her bloodied and scarred. She was a new woman. She thought she had seen it all...Little did she know that the Galactic Federation soon had a new assignment for her.

Distress Signal 1.0987

"...*SHSHSHSH*...Backup needed!...*SHSHSHSH*...Help! There is too many! Space Pirates! SUPPRRESSING FIRE!...*COUGH*...NO! CORPORAL! NO!...*YELP*...This is...Oh My Lord...*STEADY GUNFIRE*...What...Is...That?!...*AHHHHH!*..."

End of Transmission

This distress signal was tracked to an average-sized planet located within the Cronus Cluster. From the desperateness of the soldier sending the distress signal it looks like they were in the middle of a heated encounter when something...big...interrupted. The GF placed Samus Aran in charge of investigating this disturbing message.

Good Luck.

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