Metroid: The Cronus Cluster - Chapter 2

Written by Chase Buesking
Published on the 22nd November, 2009.

Samus slowly got up off the ground after the Captain's passing. The air seemed so much colder...she shivered...The rain was dripping down her visor...She turned her back to the corpse and walked over to the wall of the room and collapsed to the ground. Still shivering...she felt like there was another presence in the room...Watching her.

She turned on her scan visor and scanned the room. There didn't seem to be anything...She slowly got up again...She spotted an exit on the far side of the room. She walked over still looking around for she still had the feeling that she was being watched...But she trusted her scan visor and decided that it must not have been anything...Bad idea...

Down from the ceiling dropped a large creature that resembled a spider but it had around 12 legs. It sprinted towards Samus, glaring its blood covered fangs at her. The tips of its claws on all its legs were smeared with blood and its eyes were blood-red and full of hatred. Samus leaped out of the way and started pelting the creature with missiles until it collapsed to the ground. It was still heavily breathing and it was making the most horrible scream anyone could ever imagine. The kind of scream that makes the hair on your back stand up. Samus was frozen in place gripping her helmet tightly with her hands to try and ease the pain. It wasn't working. Her vision was becoming blurred. She could feel herself swaying...she was collapsing...she fell to the ground with a thud...then everything went black..and the noise ceased to be heard...

Samus' eyelids felt heavy...She tried with all her might to open them and look around. After much struggling she was able to fully open her eyes...She appeared to be hanging upside down...she looked down and her feet were above her. She was in a cocoon. It was wrapped tightly around her thighs all the way up to her shoulders. She was unable to move at all. She looked left and right and she saw many other cocoons that were hanging from the ceiling in what appeared to be an extremely dark cavern because below there were pools of water...but also small pools of blood...inside the other cocoons were GF Troopers and other small animals that must be native to the planet...on the far side of the room was an enormous web around the size of a large building. Crawling over it were around 20 of the spider creatures...They didn't seem to be paying any attention to the cocoons.

Samus went into deep thought about how to free herself from the tight cocoon. After a few minutes she had one of those moments where you question your sanity, for she realized that she had the arm cannon. "HA!" She thought to herself. But then she realized that the blast from the arm cannon would alert the creatures of her escape. She didn't even know yet how to get out of the room! She looked around more and saw a hole in the ceiling which looked like she might be able to grapple towards.

She heard some noise coming from the web over on the far side. A few of the creatures were getting into a fight and they were mauling each other. This then resulted in almost all of the creatures clawing each other. Samus watched as brothers killed brothers and sisters killed sisters. Blood was splattering everywhere.

Then the walls started shaking...Something big was happening...or something big...was coming...The remaining creatures started fleeing out the top of the cavern. The walls were shaking even more now. Samus shot a few holes from the inside of the cocoon with her arm cannon until she was able to rip herself out. She dropped to the floor and was about to activate her arm cannon when the far wall collapsed revealing a hideous monster...Its eyes were on Samus. It opened its mouth wide and roared. It revealed its 7 layers of jagged and bloody teeth the size of small trees. Luck seemed to be running out for Samus...The monster hurtled itself into the room. The first of many epic fights was about to begin...

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