Hunter Beginnings: Chapter 1 - The Famous General

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 9th October, 2008.

"Report!" A very strict almost evil voice commanded. "General Weavel! We just received confirmation about a transport of a prisoner arriving within about 5 days, sir!" A pirate commander said. "Very good... that is all..." Weavel said as he started to move through the Pirate base that was located on SR388. Weavel walked through the dank destroyed Metroid home planet. Metroids are parasitic creatures that have the ability to suck the life force out of any other creature. The pirates are very interested with the Metroids and they wish to use their power to conquer the universe.

Weavel moved passed the camps into a sacrificial chamber and into a throne room. "Master..." "What is it!" A very evil alien-voiced creature screeched. "Master, we have learned of a prisoner named... Zer0 Aran is being moved to our base here." "Did you just say Aran?" The alien voiced asked the general. "Yes, sir, why, do you know him?" Weavel pondered. "No... but I know his sister, Samus Aran... General Weavel! I want you to torture this boy! And if anyone asked, you say that it was your idea! I cannot be discovered yet!" The voice commanded. "Yes, Master Ridley..." Weavel said as he moved through the throne room, and into the sacrificial chamber. "COs, listen up! Once the prisoner gets here, I want you to bring him to this chamber! Is that clear!" Weavel order and listened for the unison of "Yes, sir!"

Five days have past and the prisoner Zer0 Aran has finally arrived at the base on SR388. "I don't see what is so important about him, Master." Weavel said over a com-link as he watches Zer0 being moved towards the sacrificial chamber. "Remember your orders, General!" "Yes master."

Soon the halls were filled with screams of agony as Zer0 Aran was tortured. "So, Mister Aran, tell me why did you come here?" Weavel asked. "So I can laugh at butt ugly creatures like you..." Weavel cut Zer0's arm when he said this. "You know boy, before I kill you, I just think that you should hear that I am going to kill that pathetic sister of yours. I can't wait until I get the chance to cut her little throat!" Weavel said. "Don't you dare touch her!" Zer0 screamed as he broke off the chains that were bounding him to the table! "What the hell!" Weavel yelled as he tried to draw his sword that blocked the fatal blow but was broke by Zer0's sword. Zer0 went after Weavel as he unleashed blow after blow breaking his armor! "No human has this much strength!" Weavel thought as he saw Zer0 about to deal an ending blow. Zer0 was then sent unconscious.

"Damn it, Lily! I told you no interference!" Weavel yelled at the girl who knocked Zer0 out. "Weavel! I think it is about time you leave!" Snarl, the leader of the Pirates said. "Are you making me an exile!" "Yes, now leave Weavel!" Snarl ordered! "I promise you one thing, Snarl! I will be back, I will destroy you!" Weavel yelled as he left the base. "General Weavel! You still serve me! As your next mission, go to the research facility above Tallon IV! And kill everyone there!" the evil-voiced commanded over a com-link. "Yes, Master Ridley!"

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