Hunter Beginnings: Chapter 2 - Twins

Written by Brad Roberts
Published on the 10th June, 2009.

As the morning sun broke through the trees and hit the ground, all of the forest was silent. Planet Wetra, 3rd planet in the Nexa Galaxy, seems to always be at peace. The planet was covered with mostly forest and plenty of vegetation. The planet was home to many animals and races, but one race was the most interesting. The Lexas, or the human term for twins, was that race. The Lexas were always born with twins at first birth. These twins would usually develop a terrible habit of finishing each other's sentences or being able to tell how each other feels and communicate telepathically. Only a set of twins had this power and no other twins could share it with other twin sets. Two of the most-known twins are Lea and Zea.

Lea and Zea were the most adventurous females the race ever had. Most females would prefer to stay inside instead of traveling in the woods, but not Lea and Zea. The two are what Earthlings call, tomboys. The two were also very strong and had very great skills in combat. Today, Lea and Zea were traveling the forest to a hidden part they had never seen before. 'What do you think this part of the forest holds, Zea?' Lea asked. Lea was more 'girly' then Zea. Lea would wear dresses occasionally and let her brown hair lay down instead of in a ponytail. One of her eyes was green and the other blue. 'Well, maybe you should just wait for the surprise, Lea,' Zea replied her sister. Zea was very different from most girls. She would refuse to wear dresses and always had a jacket on. She rarely took her jacket off and if she did she would have long sleeves on all the time underneath. She always wore her brown hair in a ponytail and rarely down. Behind her glasses were her hazel eyes that 'kept boys watching' her mother would say.

The two soon came to a stone wall. They were confused since they been to this part of the forest and never seen the stone wall. 'How did this get here, Zea?' Lea asked her older sister. Zea was older by only a few minutes. 'Hmm. There is an inscription here.' Zea said after examining the wall closer. 'What does it say, what does it say?!' Lea said excitedly. Zea was much less excited by things then her sister and usually remained calm during certain situations. 'I can't read it. It seems to be in some type of Alien Language. Maybe Chozo.' Zea told her sister. Zea then heard something or someone coming up behind them. She took Lea's arm and ran into the forest path just a little bit away from the stone wall.

'So, this is the 'Hidden Mine' I heard about.' A voice said. Zea and Lea stared in awe at the creatures and both immediately thought, Space Pirates. Space Pirates never came to Planet Wetra. 'Open it.' The commander said as one of his soldiers moved in to examine it. After a few minutes the Pirate came to the conclusion that a key was needed to open it. 'And where is this key?' The commander asked. 'It says the keys are the twin eas.' The pirate replied. 'What does that mean then?' The commander asked again annoyed. 'I don't know sir.' The pirate said. Lea was less aware of who pirates were and openly decided to help them. 'Maybe it means me and my sister,' Lea said to the pirates. They just stared at her. Zea then came up beside Lea. 'We don't want to cause any trouble, so let us just be on our way.' Zea said but was soon grabbed by the Commander. 'You are not going anywhere except to Pirate HQ.' The Commander said as he and his soldier took the girls into a ship and to the Pirate HQ.

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