Metroid E-Manga

So what's an E-Manga? Some time ago during the original launch of Metroid Prime and Fusion in Japan, the official Japanese Metroid website played host to an E-Manga - a comic book presented in Flash with slight animation and sound effects. The manga itself dealt with Samus' childhood years from the devastating Space Pirate attack leaving her orphaned to her training as a warrior by the Chozo on Zebes. The story itself corroborates quite well with Zero Mission's premise and plot.

The Flash version of the comic weighs down some heavy bandwidth so don't bother trying to view it on dial-up. It's also completely written in Japanese. But thanks to the courtesy and joint effort of Mechadrake Assemblies and Tim (admin of the Megaman Network) you too can enjoy a fully translated version of the manga below. This is also the first two chapters of the full Metroid Manga (with a different take on the English translation, so there may be wording differences between the two).

Remember to read the panels on each page right-to-left, as per the traditional manga presentation style.