Metroid II: Return of Samus overview

Metroid II title screen.
Metroid II title screen.

Metroid II - Return of Samus stands as one of the greatest classic platforming titles for Nintendo's first portable system. You'll be directing Samus throughout the Metroid's homeworld of SR388, exterminating the threat they pose while picking up some handy weapon and item upgrades.

The events of this game greatly affect the future episodes chronicled in Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, so get ready to take part in Metroid history. A simple concept of platforming action mixed in with all the fun of the adventuring genre sets the stage for Samus' latest challenge and the natural second stage evolution for the series.

Controller overview

The Nintendo Game Boy.
The Nintendo Game Boy.

Controlling Samus is easy, as her basic moves will suffice more than enough to traverse through the labyrinthine tunnels below SR388's surface.

Various enemies, including different forms of Metroids await - but you'll have the edge over any target with Samus' beam weapons, missiles, suits and extra enhancements.

Samus can jump, shoot, duck and use a variety of special techniques during her quest. Read on for a quick overview of the controls.

Button Operation
D-Pad Direct Samus around with the Directional Pad (D-pad), press Up to aim above and Down once to crouch. Press Down twice to assume Morph Ball form.
B Fire Samus' arm cannon. Whichever beam weapon you currently have equipped will be used. Also use B to fire missiles.
A Jump up. If you press left or right before jumping Samus will perform a somersault in the air. Once you locate the Space Jump upgrade repeatedly press A with proper timing to continually somersault through the air.
Start Pause the game. Press again to resume.
Select Switch to missile mode, press again to revert back to Samus' beam weapon.