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Return to Samus' ship, then run over to the left corner of the open area. Run back towards your ship to activate the Speed Booster, then crouch and quickly walk over to the mound on the left side of the ship. Face right, angle up (R) and then jump, you'll Shinespark up to the top right corner of the area where a door awaits. Blow the door open with a Power Bomb then travel to the end of the corridor beyond to find this Power Bomb.



Head to the huge orange shaft containing all the Ripper flying around, then ascend to the very top and go through the door there. Travel through the following thorn-infested corridor taking care to avoid the thorn traps. Once you reach the next shaft leading up, shoot open the floor at the base to reveal a hidden passage below. Descend to the very bottom of the shaft, head through the door you find and go to the end of the corridor to find this Power Bomb (don't forget to bomb open the wall behind it for a missile too).


From the previous Power Bomb's room, go back to the large shaft and climb up to the top. You'll find an elevator there leading back up to Crateria, instead go through the first door on the left wall below it. In the next corridor you'll find a number of huge Sidehoppers, quickly finish them off to unlock the exit. Travel over to the far left of the corridor and use a Power Bomb to blow open the long platform you're standing on. Once it's clear, fall down into the orange/brown spike trap near the wall and you'll fall straight through it into a hidden pit containing this Power Bomb.


From the massive purple shaft containing all the snowflakes falling in the background (near Spore Spawn's room), go to the very bottom and head through the door on the right. In the next green corridor, use the Hi-Jump Boots or the Space Jump to reach the upper cliff straight ahead. Go through the door to find a load of huge Sidehoppers. Clear them all then travel to the right wall and bomb your way through the base of the wall to find this Power Bomb beyond.


From the main elevator in the huge green thorny shaft, go to the very bottom and blow open the floor with a Power Bomb. Descend to the bottom of the hidden shaft and head through the door there. Once you reach the small room with the hidden hole, jump over to secure an Energy Tank and a Super Missile. Once you're ready drop down into the hole and travel right. Keep going through the spiked-lined corridor to find a tall and very narrow shaft leading skyward.

Here you'll discover another of the game's many secrets - at the base of the tall shaft three Etecoons wait patiently for you. They'll then begin to use the wall-jump trick to climb the shaft, so simply follow them up (with plenty of practice). Once you reach the apex you should spot a small opening in the right wall. If you have the Spring Jump use that to get through, or you can jump over to the wall and quickly activate the Morphing Ball, then hold right to enter the tunnel (run down to the left side of the corridor and run back to make the jump with the Speed Booster). Go through to find this Power Bomb.


Just after missile no. 4's location past the Grappling Hook blocks in the huge purple shaft, use a Power Bomb to break open a wall section below it then go through the left wall to pass through a hidden door. Blast the huge Sidehoppers in the next chamber, then use a Super Missile to break through a hidden block in the floor on the left end. Descend through to find this Power Bomb.



Once you've beaten Crocomire and secured the Grappling Beam, go to the large room to the left of Crocomire's corridor. Use the Ripper at the top to swing over to the door in the top left corner of the room, then simply head through to find this Power Bomb inside the following chamber.


When you enter the large corridor in Ridley's Lair inhabited by the huge blue and red Sidehopper-type enemies, you should also notice a lot of large statues around. Go to the far left side of the corridor and use a Power Bomb to reveal a hidden tunnel at the base of the wall (you'll also blow open the passage leading down to Ridley's room). Crawl through to find this Power Bomb.


Go to where you found missile no. 14 in Ridley's Lair, then bomb open the top corner of the wall behind it to reveal a hidden passage. Use the Spring Ball to jump up into the hole, then hold A and right, so that you'll make it through the complicated room without falling through any crumbling blocks. Once you reach the end, simply descend through the door in the floor to find this Power Bomb.



In the same underground cavern as missile no. 6 (you reached it by descending through a sandpit in the huge room with the vertical pipe), you'll find this Power Bomb on the right side of the area. The Space Jump and Spring Ball will help you reach it easily.