Shinespark Guide

Shinespark Guide

As Zero Mission features the Speed Booster upgrade, the technique and fine art of shinesparking comes into play.

If you're unaware of the term, fear not. Shinesparking involves utilising the Speed Booster's standard charging ability to execute a wide range of Speed Booster-powered jumps.

The Basics:

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By holding Left or Right and running over a large flat-enough area Samus will charge up and run several times faster than normal. Keep in mind that if you hit any solid terrain the charge will run out instantly.

If you crouch while Samus is running super-fast she'll return to normal speed, but the Speed Booster's charge will persist for about 5 seconds longer. Before the charge runs out you can command Samus to jump either vertically, horizontally or diagonally up left or right.

If performed while the charge is still in effect, Samus will launch herself along a vector in the direction you indicated until she strikes a solid terrain object (wall, ceiling, etc). You can break through Speed Booster blocks whenever Samus is flashing (but not moving at normal speed), regardless of the technique used.


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You can prolong the charge time by shinesparking into 45-degree angled slopes. Perform it by crouching to charge up the Speed Booster as normal, but then press A and hold the direction the slope is in when Samus is level with it so that you'll strike it along the shinespark's flight path.

As soon as Samus hits the slope she'll land and continue to run forward. Hit down again to stop moving and charge up the Speed Booster again, giving you more time to get into a position to jump again.

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Morph Ball shinespark:

Once you've recovered the Hi-Jump Boots after the Speed Booster you'll be able to execute shinespark jumps while in Morph Ball form.

Everything that applies while standing upright applies to the Morph Ball form, only with this trick you'll be able to break through Speed Booster blocks lined up with only one row of blocks; too small normally for Samus to break through while standing.