Metroid - Beyond the Fusion: Chapter 1

Written by Ninjakirbyshroom
Published on the 8th January, 2010.

Several years after the destruction of the BSL station orbiting SR388, a new station was built in an asteroid field where Samus Aran's home, planet Zebes, once was. This station was built to house the Galactic Federation's darkest secrets, top secret projects and research. One of these projects was the Federation version of Samus' original powersuit. The suit was placed in sector 4, with the highest security possible. This suit was known only to the scientists who developed it, but it was far from secret to a Space Pirate leader named Sade. She had worked on the suit at one time but was sent to a high-security prison awaiting death for stealing a prototype of the suit and then using it to kill most of the original research team. She now sat in her ship, hidden by the asteroids just out of range of the station's sensors.

"Gresh" she said into her ship's com, "form your squad on my position."

"Yes commander" a raspy voice replied. Three Space Pirate fighters appeared behind her ship.

"Squads one, three, and five, attack position two and four on my six." Nine nearby ships un-stealthed while six more joined with Sade, awaiting further orders.

"I've waited a long time for this." She paused with an evil grin. "Let's make some noise and remember...have fun."

"With pleasure," one of the pirates replied as they sped towards the station.


One hour earlier...


"Sir, several Space Pirate fighters have been spotted on radar," an officer reported to the captain.

"How many?"

"Only two sir."

"Captain, incoming transmission..." an officer said as the screen flickered then showed an image of Sade.

"Greetings captain," she said in a calm voice.

"Sade!" he said, gritting his teeth.

"Ah, so you do remember me," she said with slight maniacal excitement.

"You killed an entire research team AND stole a prototype could I forget?"

"Yes, well, it still didn't end well did it?"

"How did you manage to escape the prison?"

"A story for another time captain. But do you know what I am here for? Surely you must."

"I have no idea what you mean," he replied quickly. Sade chuckled at his reply.

"I want the suit, captain. You have one hour to give it to me."

"If I don't?" he said inquiring.

"Then your fate as well as everyone on that station will be the troops will make sure of it," she said smiling evilly.

"You only have one ship," he said confidently. "How can you POSSIBLY destroy an entire station?"

"Don't underestimate me captain. You have one hour to surrender and give me the suit before I take it by force," she said before the screen flickered and the transmission ended, revealing the star-dotted blackness of space.

"Sir what should we do?" an officer asked.

"..." he thought...


"Call Samus."

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