Metroid - Beyond the Fusion: Chapter 3

Written by Ninjakirbyshroom
Published on the 12th June, 2010.

"ALERT MULTIPLE HOSTILES INCOMING. ALL SQAUDRANS PREPARE FOR LAUNCH. I REPEAT, ALL SQUADRONS PREPARE FOR LAUNCH. THIS IS NOT A DRILL." A siren blares as the GSL station prepares for an imminent attack by Sade and her Space Pirate force. On the bridge, officers hurriedly prepare squads, relay information, and prepare the station's defenses.

"Sir, incoming transmission," an officer shouts out.

"On screen," Malko orders. An image of sade appears on the main screen.

"So captain, I see that simply asking won't get what I want. so I guess I'll have t-"

"Shut it Sade," Malko interrupted, "as we speak, Samus is on her way. you won't last long."

"Samus," Sade started to act scared. "Oh, I'm so scared, you're going to sick the federation's little dog on me."

"Dont mock her, she could destroy you in less than a second." He said.

"HA, I've met Zoomers more terrifying than she is. Well captain, we'll just have to see if your precious Samus can save you."

"Don't act so smug Sade, she coul-," but before he could finish, the transmission had ended.

"Sir, one more ship has appeared on radar," an officer reported.

"So Sade finally decide to come out of the shadows... I just hope we can last," he thought to himself.

-Five minutes later-

Chaos surrounds the GSL station as Federation and Space Pirate forces clash, sending missiles and laser fire in all directions. Sade watched in fascination as a Federation fighter shot down one of its own.

"These pilots are inexperienced. You'd think they'd have better pilots protecting this place," she thought. She dived down quickly to avoid an incoming Pirate fighter that crashed into the side of the station.

"Gresh, you and Spirnax head for the hangar. Clear out any opposition and tell me when it's clear," Sade ordered into the com.

"Yes sir," two raspy voices replied in unison. Sade took the pleasure of blowing up several more Federation fighters when suddenly her ship was violently rocked by a missile blast.

"What the-" Sade exclaims as a purple, helmet-shaped ship flies over her. "Computer scan," she orders.

"Ship is a re-built custom hunter class gunship. Registry number 0096371," a computer voice reported. "Craft is registered to inter-galactic bounty hunter, Samus Aran."

"So the fun begins." Sade said to herself.

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