Metroid - Beyond the Fusion: Chapter 2

Written by Ninjakirbyshroom
Published on the 12th June, 2010.

Sector 7, just outside the orbit of Tallon IV. A blonde woman in a blue jumpsuit sits in a small, purple gunship, polishing a similar-looking red helmet.

"Incoming transmission from galactic space labs," a male computer voice says.

"Display on screen," the woman replies. As she turns, an image of the captain of the GSL station is displayed on the view screen.

"Samus, this is Captain Malko of the GSL station."

"Greetings captain. What is the federation requesting now?" She said wondering.

"The station is under attack by Space Pirates. They have come to take an important piece of equipment. Please Samus, we need your help."

"It's just a few Space Pirates, can't you deploy fighters and destroy them yourself?"

"The pirates are led by Sade." As the name rolled off Malko's tongue, Samus remembered the encounter with Sade at the prison.

"Samus," the captain snapped bringing her back to reality, "we don't have much time. Sade will begin her attack in approximately fifty-five minutes. We need you to hurry."

"I'll be there shortly, Samus out." The transmission ended and Samus began to punch in the coordinates of the GSL station into the navi-computer. She pushed a small red switch and the ship jumped to light speed.

"I hope I get there in time." Samus though to herself as she went to put on her Power Suit.

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