Maximus Kolan: Chapter 1

Written by Varia31
Published on the 28th September, 2009.

Author's intro: "The G.F.S. Olympus, two months before the incident of Norion."

Fleet Admiral Dane walked across the ship's bridge, eyeing the crewmembers of the flagship Olympus while they were patrolling the star system around the planet Zebes. "How's the search coming along?" asked the Admiral, "any signs of Space Pirate activity?" "No sir, we can't seem to pinpoint where they could be hiding, ever since Samus' liberation of planet Aether, the Pirates have kept a low profile." The Admiral simply nodded in discontentment, he hated the Pirates about as much as Samus did, and like everyone in the galaxy, he wanted to be rid of their treachery once and for all. Hours passed, and finally they came across a spike in energy, "Admiral Dane, we've found something on the planet SR388, we've confirmed the energy spike to be of Pirate activity." Dane ran up to the monitor to view the readouts. "Good, it's about time we found them." Said the Admiral "The energy reading is very high, which means that many Pirates are around." "Who should we send sir?" "We'll need to send an Elite Squad in to take care of it, send the 31st Squad, they're the best of the best. And I have no doubts that Squad Commander Kolan will complete this mission quite effectively."

Maximus Kolan, Commander of the 31st Elite Squad began to put on his battle armor, and his team did the same. Their armor was chrome silver, and their helmets had glowing blue visors. Each team member carried a heavily modified Assault Rifle with a rapid firing rate and powerful green plasma being the ammunition that they used. Each member was trained to be experts of hand-to-hand combat, with stolen Pirate Energy Scythes fused to their left forearm to use as a melee weapon much like the one that Space Pirate General Weavel uses. Kolan's armor had red stripes on the shoulders of his armor as well as detailed Federation logos to identify him as the commander. As they put on their armor, Maximus began to tell them of the situation at hand, "All right people listen up, Fleet Admiral Dane has found readings of Space Pirate activity on the planet SR388 and we're about to be briefed on our mission once everyone is ready."

The team walked into the briefing room, soon after, Admiral Dane came in, and the team stood to their feet and saluted. "Please be seated," said the Admiral, "As you are well aware, we have found Pirate activity on SR388, your mission is to fly there, and gather information on what the Pirates are planning. Recent reconnaissance within the past twelve hours has revealed to us the existence of two core generators. Sabotage their primary and secondary base cores. We need you to disable both of them to cripple the Pirates' operation. Is that understood?" Asked Dane, "Yes sir!" the team responded, "Dismissed." Dane finished. Once the team began leaving the room, Admiral Dane approached Maximus, "31st Squad Commander Kolan, I want you to make sure that no one on your team is killed, because Federation casualties have increased drastically with over 26,000 men and women lost across the galaxy this year. We can't afford to lose anyone else for some time until the Federation's ranks can be replenished again. This won't be an easy mission, but I know you can pull it off Commander, good luck." "I will do my best sir." With that, Maximus saluted once more before leaving.

The Squad began boarding the Federation vessel in the landing port, after his team was in Maximus stepped in and then seated himself in the captain's chair, which was behind and slightly above the pilot's chair. The pilot, Petty Officer Jonson, then told Maximus, "We're ready for takeoff Commander." Maximus turned back to his team and asked "Is everyone ready?" "Yes sir!" "Launch!" With that, the spacecraft lifted into the air and then took off. As they traveled to SR388, Maximus remembered Admiral Dane's information about the casualties that the Federation was suffering from, and then the words "This won't be an easy mission," He thought about this for a moment. It's never easy, the Commander mused.

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