Maximus Kolan: Epilogue

Written by Varia31
Published on the 13th January, 2012.

Maximus rushed through the corridors of the Space Pirate facility as fast as he could possibly go. The memory of his first escape here crossed his mind as he sprinted through the base with the panicking Pirates around him, all trying to escape themselves. Several of the Pirates would actually manage to get out, whereas others would meet their end from random explosions caused by the rupturing of the now destroyed generators. Maximus blasted and sliced his way through any Pirates that tried opposing him, while making his way to the main entrance.

At last he got to the entrance, after what seemed like an eternity of running, he was relieved. He fired a Concussion Beam shot at the doors, disrupting the electronics that secured the automated lock system and weakened the structural integrity of the doors. With all his might, he rammed the doors with his shoulder, tearing them clean open. He was finally outside, and without hesitation, he ran towards the location of his ship. Again, the memory of his first escape went through his head, where he was also running for his life.

Maximus successfully got to his ship and got inside. He engaged the vessel's systems, activated the thrusters, and lifted off of the ground, taking off into orbit. Maximus watched from the windshield of his cockpit as the Space Pirate facility went up in flames and finally explode, taking all of the unfortunate Pirates that remained inside with it. Maximus relaxed in his ship's cockpit chair. He was exhausted, but satisfied. He had at last avenged his team, and fulfilled his once incomplete mission.


Meanwhile, the G.F.S. Olympus was near planet SR388, as it had been stationed there for weeks on surveillance. Fleet Admiral Castor Dane was alerted by a technical officer that a high energy spike was detected on the planet, caused by an explosion. The officer also tracked a small vessel leaving the planet's atmosphere. After some scans were done, it was identified as a hunter class starship. Upon Dane's orders, the technical officer contacted the ship. To the Admiral, something seemed familiar about this silver vessel.


As Maximus flew through the stars, he received an incoming transmission from a Federation ship. After a moment he opened up the feed, and there on his screen appeared a Federation technical officer. Maximus glanced at the background behind the officer, it looked just like the interior of the Olympus! The Federation officer spoke to Maximus, "Unidentified hunter class starship, you have been requested to come aboard the G.F.S. Olympus for events relating to the disturbance on planet SR388. We ask that you please comply." Maximus nodded, "Understood". With that, he headed towards the Federation Flagship.

Maximus Kolan soon arrived and docked at the Olympus. Maximus was taken through security procedures, and then was called to see Fleet Admiral Castor Dane himself. As he traversed through the all too familiar ship with the escort of security guards, he remembered the days that he was first enlisted to serve in active duty on this starship; he had been here for much of his career. Maximus soon walked onto the ship's main bridge. Admiral Dane turned around to take a good look at this new hunter. The Admiral couldn't help but notice the resemblance to Samus Aran, but from the proportions, and extra bulk, it was easier to tell that this hunter was a human male. Oddly enough, he bore the colors of a Federation Marine Elite. And the fact that this man seemed to be leaving SR388 of all places shortly after an explosion there, in what just so happened to be the coordinates that the 31st Elite Squad was dispatched to before their demise? Things were starting to add up to Admiral Dane, the hunter that stood in his presence was none other than an old friend.

Maximus was a bit nervous; he knew that he was never to be seen with the Federation Marine Corps. again. Admiral Dane spoke to him, "Hunter, I understand that you were seen leaving the planet SR388 shortly after an explosion occurred there." "Yes, sir." Maximus replied. "We wanted answers, and thought perhaps you could tell us if you had something to do with it?" the Admiral sternly inquired. After a bit of a hesitant pause, Maximus spoke up again, "Of course sir. I was the one that caused the explosion." Admiral Dane just stared at him, apparently waiting for more. Maximus continued, "I had landed on SR388, for the purpose of stopping the Space Pirate activity that was proceeding there. You see, Space Pirates are my enemy, they have caused me great pain in the past that I would rather not go into detail about, so I took it upon myself to fight them back." Dane replied "So you prioritized vigilantism?" Maximus stood there silently, not knowing what to say.

Admiral Dane walked closer to Maximus, until he was directly in front of him, looking up and staring into his visor. "Vigilantes are not something that are exactly appreciated in the Federation. But we have been trying to find a way to destroy that same Pirate base for some time now, so, your intervening is much appreciated right now…" Dane moved in closer and whispered "… Commander." Maximus' eyes widened behind his visor a bit, slightly taken aback that his identity was already known. Admiral Dane stepped back, "Hunter, I would like to introduce you to the Aurora Unit, 242, and I would like to make a proposition." Maximus paused for a moment, "Alright." He replied.

The two men walked into the Aurora Chamber. Maximus once again saw the fluids clear in the tank, revealing the gigantic brain-like organic supercomputer. "Greetings, hunter," Aurora Unit 242 spoke, "we owe you our gratitude for dealing with the Pirate threat on SR388. Due to our best bounty hunters and squads stationed elsewhere, we had no one else to send. Without you, it would have been some time before we could have dealt with the Pirates, and it could have been too late before we finally acted". "It was my pleasure," Maximus nodded, "I'm glad I could help." Admiral Dane turned to Maximus, "Hunter, I would like to propose a partnership, much like what we have with Samus and other bounty hunters, where you do missions with us, and sometimes for us, as we need you to. It would be of great benefit, and we wish you would fight alongside us. Do you accept?" Maximus smiled, "Yes sir." "Then welcome back on board, Maximus Kolan." Dane replied. Maximus shook hands with the admiral, he felt honored to be back with the Marine Corps, if not officially as an enlistee, then, in spirit.

As Maximus Kolan left in his ship, he gazed into the stars. He felt greatly fulfilled, having completed a mission long overdue, and more importantly, avenged his team, his brothers-in-arms. From this day forth, he would go on to be a great ally and important player in the Federation's quest for intergalactic peace. In future crises he would become one of the greatest heroes the galaxy has ever known, right next to Samus Aran, his mentor that he owed so much to, and one of the best friends that he would ever know. This marks the end of the tale of Maximus Kolan's origin, but the beginning of many more stories to come.


Author's note: I hope all that read this story enjoyed it. This was the first actual fan fiction story line that I've ever written, and I'm proud of it. However, due to advancements in my mind within the world of Maximus Kolan, his origin shall be re-written. Not only will more things fit together more logically, but the goal is to also make Maximus a more complex and interesting character. I hope you look forward to the future which will bear the definitive origin story of my character, and the standard from which all stories to come of him shall be drawn from. See you next mission, Varia31.

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