Maximus Kolan: Chapter 6

Written by Varia31
Published on the 26th June, 2010.

Author's intro: "Planet Daiban, the Federation capital. One hour before the incident at Norion..."

Samus' ship entered the atmosphere of the planet Daiban, and within moments made it to the city below. Maximus took in the sights as they flew through the air of the large metropolis. It had been many years since he had first seen Daiban; it was where he first joined the Federation Marine Corp. Many fond memories came to his mind, of him first meeting his team, long before they were promoted to the Elite Squad ranks. To share so many good times with his team mates, so many years in service, they were like brothers to him. To lose them so suddenly merely two months ago had such an impact on Maximus. Never again would he allow the blood of those he cared about to be spilled. Never again would he fail them. He would keep his friends and those who can't fend for themselves safe... even if it meant putting his own life at risk. Samus landed her gunship in the nearest docking bay that was closest to their destination. Sometime during their training on Tallon IV, Samus had put in an order for a starship for Maximus. She had paid for it with much of her previous earnings from past missions and bounty hunts. Samus didn't hold Maximus in debt; she only did a favor for a friend, and to help him get started on his own. Maximus and Samus lowered out of the ship, and Maximus stepped off the platform as Samus explained where his ship was to be picked up at. Samus then told him that she had received a call from the Federation to head to the Flagship Olympus, as there was a dire matter that required the assistance of her and three other well-known and seasoned bounty hunters. The two friends said their farewells, and with that, Samus left in her ship and took off to the skies. Maximus watched as her ship disappeared in the distance, and then turned and walked away from the docking bay. As he walked through the streets of the city, many eyes turned toward him, staring in awe at the stranger. Who was he? Why did he bear a striking resemblance to Samus? Where did he come from? These were the thoughts that went through the minds of the people. Maximus was aware that he was being watched closely by everybody, but ignored them, silently walking onward toward the station where his ship awaited.


Maximus soon arrived at the building. He walked inside and saw several ships in the hangar being repaired, customized, or constructed. The manager took notice of Kolan and walking toward him and began to speak, "Ah, you must be Maximus; Samus described what you would look like."

The two shook hands, "You here for your ship?" he asked.

"Yes, I am. Samus told me she already paid for it?"

"Yes sir, right over there, all paid for and ready to go. Just scan your hand on this form screen proving that you picked it up and she's all yours."

The manager held up a small hand scanner with information of the ship pre-typed in above where Maximus was to place his hand. Maximus put the palm of his hand on the screen and it scanned through his armor and picked up his palm print. He then took his hand off the screen and watched as the word directly below the ship's data changed from "pending" to "confirmed".

"Thank you very much Mister Kolan, she's ready to go. Have a good afternoon!" the manager said.

"You too, thanks," Maximus replied. He turned toward his ship and walked up to it. It looked similar to Samus', but was silver, was much sleeker and more slender in shape. It had small fin-like stabilizers on the top and sides of the craft, and had a blue cockpit windshield shaped much like Maximus' visor. It also had three landing gear pieces deployed and a fourth platform in the center bottom of the vessel, just like Samus' own ship, to allow access to the inside.

Maximus entered the ship and took a moment to scan of all the consoles and learn their purposes so that he would know how to operate them. After he had finished gathering the information he needed, he sat down in the seat and used the correct lever to retract the landing gear and put the ship into hover mode. The workers in the hangar cleared the docks and operated the hangar's roof; it opened up to allow Maximus' ship to fly out. Maximus then gained altitude until he was out of the station and then took off. Now that he was finished with his errand, only one thing was on Kolan's mind: it was time to travel back to SR388, to finish what he started.

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