Metroid overview

Metroid title screen.
Metroid title screen.

The original Metroid catapulted bounty hunter Samus Aran into her first epic struggle against the Space Pirates on planet Zebes.

In this original 8-bit action/platform title, Samus traverses through Zebes in search of the marauding Space Pirate leaders Kraid, Ridley and the maniacal Mother Brain. Filled with classic enemies, weapons and power-ups, the saga begins its long journey here.

Zebes is a near-endless maze of corridors and shafts, filled with all manner of challenges for Samus to overcome. Luckily for her, the Chozo left behind a range of hidden items to enhance her abilities and take on those tougher opponents.

Keep in mind that due to the game's diversity and freely explorable worlds, there's potentially hundreds of ways of playing through the game successfully. The guides presented here offer just one of many ways to go about conquering the game.

Controller overview

The Nintendo (NES) controller.
The Nintendo (NES) controller.

Although Samus can only jump and fire her arm cannon, these simple actions give her all the tricks she'll need to take on almost any enemy within the depths of Zebes.

Using missiles, energy tanks and a myriad of other items, you'll take on a range of enemies and bosses before facing the dreaded Mother Brain.

Read on for a quick overview of the controls.

Button Operation
D-Pad Direct Samus around with the Directional Pad (D-pad), hold Up to aim above and press Down to enter Morph Ball mode.
B Fire Samus' arm cannon. Whichever beam weapon you currently have equipped will be used. Also use B to fire missiles.
A Jump up. If you hold left or right before jumping Samus will execute a somersault in the air (used to execute the Screw Attack).
Start Pause the game. Press again to resume.
Select Switch to missile mode, press again to revert back to Samus' beam weapon.