Try out these handy passwords to unlock goodies in the game. Normally you'll be given a password if you lose - but if you need one quickly and don't want to torture Samus into getting one:

  • For the original NES version, pause the game, then simply press Up + A on the second controller to receive your password.
  • For the Metroid Prime and Metroid: Zero Mission versions you're out of luck, and must lose all your health to receive a password.
  • For the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console version, use the suspend save-state feature to save your progress right where you stand (press the Home button on the Wii Remote and select Wii Menu to auto-save).

All items at Tourian

Use the following code to reach the end of the game:

M7-t-- ---u?0
2T--t0 E000bI
(all zeros)

This password drops you off in Tourian will all items secured.


Use the following classic code for a neat surprise:

------ ------

You'll start off in Norfair with both Ridley and Kraid history and have in your possession 255 missiles, five energy tanks, the Varia Suit, Wave Beam, Hi-Jump Boots and Screw Attack. Samus will also be sporting an armourless purple undersuit appearance, something you normally don't see unless conquering the game in under three hours.


This sneaky password will give you some unusual effects:

000000 000000
(The "O" in SWORD is the letter "O", all others are zeros)

You'll start in Brinstar with everything you need to take on Ridley and Kraid (both are still around). The strange part is, you'll have no missile indicator but can fire as many as you want. Picking up health and taking hits has a weird effect as well, as sometimes taking a hit actually gives you more energy, while picking up an energy ball sometimes drains your health.