Samus Aran's back on the frontline. Her target: an army of Metroids on their native planet of SR388. Before claiming victory against the Space Pirates on Zebes, Samus confronted several Metroids in battle, revealing the incredible danger they posed.

Her job was far from over upon sealing Mother Brain's fate. The Galactic Federation, overwhelmed with joy at Samus' success, decided to take action to prevent any further misuse of the Metroid's life-sucking power.

Returning to the planet where the entire crisis began, the Federation had hoped to wipe out the entire race of Metroids there to secure the safety of the galaxy and rid the threat of them landing in the wrong hands again.

Sending in a team of highly specialized troops to SR388, their mission was easy on paper - don't leave a Metroid alive. But contact with the team was lost sometime after their scheduled arrival planetside.

Plan B was an easy choice for the Federation. Calling on Samus Aran once again, the Federation promised a well-deserved payment for her troubles. Gearing up and heading to SR388 alone, Samus' mission tasks her with hunting and eliminating the Metroid threat once and for all.

This is Metroid territory however, so her job won't be easy. The creatures know their home well and don't take kindly to intruders.

Not least of all, Samus will face the ultimate challenge as she discovers the myriad of Metroid morphology, from the simple life-sucking variety to their older and angrier siblings.

With the promise of close encounters with humble Alpha Metroids right up to deadly Omega variants, this is one quest the Federation had better have a healthy paycheck waiting upon her return.

Game specifications and release dates

Nintendo Game Boy
Japan  Jan 21, 1992
USA  Nov, 1991
Europe  May 21, 1992
Australia  1992
Nintendo 3DS (eShop)
Japan  Sep 28, 2011
USA  Nov 24, 2011
Europe  Nov 24, 2011
Australia  Nov 24, 2011

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