"The secret to ultimate power lies in the Alimbic Cluster." Intercepted by the Galactic Federation, this cryptic telepathic message emanates from the depths of uncharted space. With no knowledge of what dwells within the region, the Federation's top scientists at least manage to pinpoint its location in space.

Fresh from her efforts to stop the Space Pirate's Phazon operations on Tallon IV, Samus receives word of the Federation's discovery and is immediately called into action.

But as the message was effortlessly detected by the Federation, it could easily have been traced by less-than desirable sources.

With the temptation of ultimate power, hunters from across the stars would surely desire it for themselves and their own agendas.

For a threat like this, the Federation just can't send anyone else. Given the location of the Alimbic Cluster, Samus is dispatched to track down and discover the source of the message.

Lacking any other intel to work with, Samus knows of at least six other bounty hunters converging on the cluster. Some may have more honourable motives than others, but one thing is clear, all six are considered armed and hostile.

With no friendlies to rely upon, Samus' mission is clear: to locate the source of this hidden power and either secure it under Federation control, or ensure its complete destruction if deemed too dangerous to exist.

But no-one - not even Samus' rivals - know what they're up against, and they may have to make the ultimate sacrifice in their quest for power and glory...

Game specifications and release dates

  • Developer:
  • Publisher:
  • Playable on:
    • Nintendo DS / Lite / DSi / DSi XL
    • Nintendo 3DS
    • Nintendo Wii U (eShop)
Nintendo DS
Japan  Jun 01, 2006
USA  Mar 20, 2006
Europe  May 05, 2006
Australia  May 25, 2006
Nintendo Wii U (eShop)
Japan  Sep 30, 2015
USA  Jun 02, 2016
Europe  Sep 15, 2016
Australia  Sep 15, 2016

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