Eons ago, an advanced race of the bird-like Chozo lived in harmony with nature on the paradise world of Tallon IV. Crafting their cities and culture around the natural landscapes of their magnificent world, they could only live out their peaceful lives in wait of what the future would bring.

Unfortunately, the Chozo population were about to face a terrible crisis - one that no amount of foresight or peaceful nature could protect against.

The planet's darkest day arrived. From the depths of unknown space hurtled a massive meteorite, blasting into the planet and inflicting major destruction to anything near the impact zone.

Faced with this devastating new crisis, the Chozo did all they could to try and recover from the devastation, but the meteor brought with it a deadly radioactive poison eventually known as Phazon. This poison seeped into every living thing on the planet and began to suck the life away from everything in sight. Unable to stop the mindless onslaught of Phazon, the Chozo decided to contain the core of the poison within the meteorite's impact zone.

With their work complete, the Chozo ultimately put their fate into the hands of the future, where they hoped someone would arrive from the heavens to rid their planet of the abomination. Of course, only one individual was capable of taking on this colossal challenge.

Fast-forward to the present day, and we find that bounty hunter Samus Aran has recently defeated the Space Pirates and Mother Brain on planet Zebes, crushing their plans to use Metroids to attack civilization across space. While taking a well deserved rest and the esteemed gratification of the Galactic Federation, Samus intercepts a mysterious distress beacon while cruising the space lanes.

Narrowing the call to Tallon IV, Samus decides to investigate, where she'll find remnants of the Space Pirates and their plans for using the foul Phazon to build an indestructible army. Samus' mission on Tallon IV is two-fold, to stop the Space Pirates and their conniving schemes once again, and to honour the Chozo's legacy to rid the planet of the poison that threatens to consume all...

Game specifications and release dates

  • Developer:
  • Publisher:
  • Playable on:
    • Nintendo GameCube
    • Nintendo Wii
    • Nintendo Wii U
    • Nintendo Wii U (eShop)

Original stand-alone version:

Nintendo GameCube
Japan  Feb 28, 2003
USA  Nov 17, 2002
Europe  Mar 21, 2003
Australia  Apr 03, 2003
Nintendo Wii
Japan  Feb 19, 2009
USA  Not released
Europe  Not released
Australia  Not released

Metroid Prime Trilogy version:

Nintendo Wii
Japan  Not released
USA  Aug 24, 2009
Europe  Sep 04, 2009
Australia  Oct 15, 2009
Nintendo Wii U (eShop)
Japan  Not released
USA  Jan 29, 2015
Europe  Jan 29, 2015
Australia  Jan 30, 2015

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