April 2009 news

Game Boy turns twenty

Tuesday, 21 April 2009 at 02:16 GMT

The original Game Boy Twenty years ago, a team of Nintendo's research and development team announced the birth of a portable gaming system. Its name was... Game Boy! Since that historic date, millions of the little fellas have been sold around the world. April 21, 1989 saw the launch of Game Boy in Japan, and the phenomenal success of the portable along with its spiritual successor are fantastic testaments to Gunpei Yokoi's work.

As for Metroid news, not much to report on as of late - except for an incredibly elaborate April Fool's joke involving the long-rumoured Metroid Dread - oh why can't it be real? Be sure to check out the making of the maps as well.

The site continues to have new additions and fixes here and there, like the shiny new Super Metroid-inspired nav bar above. I'm also slowly filling up each game's walkthrough with a better range of pictoral accompaniments. But for now, if you still own one of the classic Game Boy models, why not break it out for a game of Metroid II again?